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I Refuse to Eat Crawfish in a Restaurant

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Unless ya'll are paying of course, and dammit, this may be a rant but, two days without a post on the Houston board deserves something. Prices of seven and eight bucks a pound are criminally insane. I just bought six pounds at HEB, plus spices and enough corn and potatos for the wife and I to eat with our lunches through Wednesday. The price was twenty- four dollars, half of a resturant price, plus no tax, twenty percent plus tip, all with less than a dollar a can Modelo Especial from the fridge. Now, it's time to finish my wife's hair highlights, yes?!, and boil the crawfish.

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  1. I hear ya James. Guess everyone is out and about now that the weather is warmer.

    I ate the best fried oysters today at a place called Southern Komfort in LaPorte on Underwood. YUM! They will be my new go-to place for fried oysters. I haven't been overly impressed with the new Captain Benny's. Not bad just nothing to write home about except their jalapeno boudin which is great.

    There is a "Brisket House" opening very close to me in Deer Park. I wonder if it's the related to the Brisket House on the west side that people rave about? I haven't been able to find out..

    Edited to add: I just saw their ad on Craig's List for servers and it says it is their second location so I'm guessing it is related to the other Brisket House across town.

    1. You do highlights? If you only knew how much I pay for those! So I hope you are eating your bugs in the house and not in a workplace kitchen! At my local HEB they were boiling them for you this weekend! And it's a tiny HEB so I was surprised.

      Just to report, I had lunch at Los Dos Amigos on Washington today. The cheese enchiladas are not the best in Houston, at least by my estimation, but they were very good. The carnitas were reportedly tender and moist and the salsas, especially the green one, were outstanding. The servers were friendly and happy and smiling and we will definitely be back again.

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        Lambsie, I meant to tell you that I had a great shrimp salad at El Tiempo about a month ago. It was the parilla salad with shrimp. It was a little sweet and a little overdressed but very tasty. I think next time I'll cut the mandarins. Their shrimp are very good and they are generous with them, as least every time we went they were. The shrimp nachos are smothered in whole shrimp.

        Grilled Chicken or Sautéed Shrimp, Tamarind Mole Sauce, Cilantro Citrus, Avocado, Greens, Mango, Mandarins, Jicama & Praline Pecans 12.99

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          Price is good for all that! Have you been to the grocery next to El Tiempo, I believe owned by the same folks? I need to stop in there some time.

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            It's a BIG salad. I will tweek it a little next time though to remove some of the sweetness. Maybe dressing on the side.

            Haven't been next door. Keep thinking I'll go and I always leave the restaurant so full I cannot think about any more food. lol

            The Brisket House opened today in Deer Park. It is the same one as on Woodway. Driving by at 1:30 people were parking across the street and walking over there crossing four lanes of traffic on Center Street. It's going to be awhile before we'll go but I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully half the city went today and the crowd will die down soon.