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Mar 31, 2012 11:32 AM

"In Manhattan Pizza War, Price of Slice Keeps Dropping"

"In the amped-up war of commerce and 75-cent pizza on the Avenue of the Americas in Midtown, a perilous moment is approaching. Circumstances suggest that ravenous New Yorkers might soon witness 50-cent pizza, 25-cent pizza or, yes, free pizza."

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  1. I see $1 slices on Broadway and Leonard

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    1. re: foodwhisperer

      I've been in New York 5 months now (from Australia for work) and my fiance and I stayed at the Marriot on 6th Ave and 38th for two weeks before finidng our appartment up here on the UWS.

      In our time at the Marriot we probably got slices from the 2 bros. pizza place 5 or so times and have occasionally returned purely for nostalgia reasons. In fact, their slice was my first taste of Pizza in New York City...and framed my view of New York style pizza (which I appreciate is much more varied and complex than the slices at 2 bros.). I must say, we'de never even noticed the store 2 doors down from it, such was the prominence of the 2 Bros storefront. At this point $1 a slice was seen by us as a basement pricepoint (i.e. how much lower could they go and turn a profit?).

      I must say, at $6 for a full pie, that is an absolute steal. I know its not the highest quality, nor does it have a grand history, but for pure bang for your buck, I can't see myself going wrong. Unfortunately, it's about 8 stops downtown on the train for me so I'll resort to the relativly overpriced pizzas in my neck of the woods.

      In any case, there's nothing wrong with some healthy competition and I hope to see both stores do well...I may even try the non-2 bros. store sometime this week.

    2. live downtown off of bleeker. ill tell u what--the 1dollar pizza place on bleeker and mcdougal is pretty solid. i personally think joes has the best slices in the city but the dollar pizza place is just as good as every rays or bens or other fake pizza joint.