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Mar 31, 2012 11:08 AM

URGENT: ISO Whole Smoked turkey on the bone (Montreal)

You know that look your Mom gives you when you promise that you'll do something and you don't? I just got one of those because I promised to post this last week. That's why this posting is listed as urgent. I need an answer by tomorrow.

Here goes: At every holiday since time immemorial, my Mom has gotten a smoked turkey from Le Biftheque and then reheated it in the oven. It was her signature dish. (Yes, I know, technically it is Le Biftheque's signature dish because they put in the work. Let's ignore that and move on.) Unfortunately, since the last holiday Le Biftheque has closed. This has put my Mom into a spiral. Seriously, I think she's broken.

My Mom is searching for a new place to get smoked turkey. She called Lester's. They have smoked turkey.

"Great!", you say.

"$9.75 a pound!!!" my Mom says.

Ok, now I'm on a search for a cheaper smoked turkey in Montreal. Any ideas?

Many MANY thanks in advance. A mother's love depends on it. =)

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  1. I'm looking at Schwartz's now, BTW. It's 7.25 per pound. If nothing comes up with anything better, I'll go with that . . .

    1. I get it from Zinman's on St-Dominique next to the Jean-Talon market. I don't measure in lbs very much, but am sure it is a bit cheaper than that; however I buy thighs, not breasts.

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        I just called them they don't sell whole turkeys. I need a whole (or half) turkey. Sorry for not mentioning that above.

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          I have bought a whole smoked turkey at Charcuterie Hongroise on the Main, but that was at Christmastime, a few years back - I don't think they have them year round. I've also seen them at Schwartz's and if I recall at The Main across the streeet, but I doubht they'd be cheaper than at Lester's.

          No, Zinman's on St-Dominique doesn't sell whole smoked turkeys, just parts. You might try Les Volailles et Gibiers Fernando - in the former Zinman's, on Roy:
          106 Rue Roy E
          Montreal, QC H2W 1L9
          (514) 843-6652

      2. I don't know about prices, but The Main also has a sign advertising smoked turkeys, and I'd also venture a guess that Slovenia down the street can get smoked turkeys. And if Lester's, Schwartz's and The Main do it, you might also want to call Smoked Meat Pete, The Snowdon Deli and any other smoked meat joint that you're fond of.

        1. Quebec smoked meat in Point St Charles?

          Quebec Smoked Meat
          1889, rue du Centre, Montréal, QC H3K 1J1


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          1. re: C70

            Quebec smoked meat was my suggestion as well.
            Note they are only open monday-friday.

          2. Thank you to everyone who posted. My Mom is getting her smoked turkey from Schwartz's and is happy with me again.

            Apparently, the conversation with the guy at Schwartz's went as follows:
            Mom: "I would like to order a smoked turkey for pickup on Thursday"
            Schwartz's Guy: "Ok. When would you like to drop off your deposit?"
            Mom: "My deposit? I live far. Do I have to?"
            SG: "Where do you live?"
            Mom: Says where she lives, which is about a 20 minute drive away so, all in all, not very far.
            SG: " .... .... oh .... do you promise to pick up your turkey?"
            Mom: "I promise"
            SG: "Ok."

            It kinda makes you love a Montreal institution even more . . . and I'm a vegetarian . . .

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            1. re: captain_vegetable

              His name is Frank da Silva and he's great. Even if his smoked meat is more hype than flavor.