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Mar 31, 2012 11:06 AM

Anyone have any comments on BJ's Brewhouse and Restaurant

Will be in Vegas in two weeks. Anyone have any comments on BJ's Brewhouse and Restaurant? While we are at it - how about 32 Degrees at the "M" or Gordon Biersch ? Planning on the Triple 777, Ellis Island, Barley's, Boulder Dam Brewing and Chicago Brewing. Three days of beer and one day of wine.
Any others???

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  1. BJ's is okay for beer and the food is disgusting. 32 degree is great for beer selection and prices but it is kind of like a bar in a casino and thats about it. If you sit at the bar and play video poker you can get comped craft beers which is a plus. I would suggest Todd English PUB which has a really large selection of craft and import beers on tap and well as some bottles. As for food I especially like the pastrami from the carvery. If you want even more beer there is Public House, Burger Bar, and Holstein's which are all great for selection, with draft and bottles.

    Off the strip, go to Aces and Ales. Great selection of both draft and bottles. From their website, it looks like they have DogFish Head 120 IPA right now on tap.

    1. Not sure about the beer selection, but the best bar in Vegas is the one in the Bellagio overlooking the fountains--a great seat for the show and very sophisticated, yet fun.
      Burger bar has a great beer selection and really good burgers. It's the creation of Hubert Keller.
      While it's a smaller hotel, there is a great pub-like bar with a huge tap beer selection in the Monte Carlo. I remember watching a Gator game there the last time we were in Vegas.
      I also like the Bistro in Paris. Nice wine selection, pretty good food, and if you sit outside, great people watching.
      We always find ourselves hanging out and eating at the Wynn and Encore resorts.
      But I think the best deal in Vegas for beer is the Newcastle (they have other liquor drinks too) "big gulp" you can get in the souvenir cup outside of the Beatles Love show for about $12. Not sure if they still do it or not..It is a great show to see when a little tipsy, but I digress.
      Have fun in Vegas!

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        I believe that bar at the Bellagio you're talking about is sadly now gone, replaced by a nightclub called Hyde. It did have a nice view and ambiance, but not really much in the way of beery offerings.

        As for the places mentioned by the original poster:

        32 Draft at the M has a nice selection by Vegas standards, but it is a long ways from the main strip area. You'd either need a car, or plan on taking a taxi ride which, round trip, would run about $50 or more with tips.

        BJ's are run of the mill bars with a run of the mill selection of beer.

        Gordon Biersch is a mid level restaurant with bar, and their beers are rather pedestrian.

        Ellis Island is a small dive casino located behind Bally's. The only I reason I ever go in there is to eat the (not listed on the menu) Steak Special which is about 8 bucks and includes a salad or soup, fries or potato, green beans and a pretty decent steak, along with a good sized glass of your choice of their house beer . The beers are not great, but not bad either. It's got to be the best bang for your buck food deal in town.

        Triple 7's is a nice place for a meal and a beer, but it can get pretty busy in there. Their beers are ok to good.

        Barley's. I guess all I can say is I used to live about 3 minutes from there, and almost never went in. It seemed the quality of their food and beer had gone downhill over the years. Haven't been in there for about 2 years now, so maybe they've fixed things.

        Chicago Brewing has a very small location at the Four Queens on Fremont St. It's on ok stop in a pinch if you're thirsty or want a quick bite, but nothing to go out of your way for.

        Boulder Dam Brewing is a looooong ways from the strip. If you're planning a drive out to Hoover Dam anyways then it might be worth a stop. I've never had their beers at their location, but have tried a few at beer festivals. My opinion? Nice people, but the beers were poor.

        As mentioned, Aces and Ales is a pretty good stop (as far as Vegas options go), but far from the strip. Nothing special about the ambiance, but it has probably the best beer list in town. Maybe not the largest selection, but what it does carry is usually pretty decent.

        Freakin Frog located on Maryland Pkwy near UNLV is a small dark place in a strip mall which advertises a huge beer selection. The key word is "advertises", because not everything they have on the menu is in stock. And what they do have in stock you will pay for dearly. This is another place I rarely visit, mainly because of the prices. If cost is no option to you however, then this might be worth a stop for a beer or two.

        If you're going to be here mid week, I'd highly recommend a visit to Khoury's located on Eastern near St Rose Parkway. It's a smallish liquor store, and they have a Wednesday beer night meet up. There's always 3 beers on tap, although they will be expanding to 8 taps soon. Usually about 30-40 beer lovers attend and share bottles of beer, and there's also usually a pretty darn good food truck (rotating between 4 or 5 local trucks) parked right outside if you're hungry.

        Overall Vegas is not a great beer town. Unfortunately we don't get a lot of the great beers which are available next door in California. Places like Khoury's and Aces and Ales are doing their best to fix that, and those are the places I usually frequent.

        Have fun while you're here!

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          Oh, so sad about the Bellagio :(

      2. Thanks peeps
        Our flight gets in at 11 on Saturday so Ellis is on the list for the steak special. Going to be staying at South Point, Suncoast and The Orleans. Have a car and fairly familiar with Vegas so 32 Degrees will be right down the road. Will also be close to two BJ's locations and Gordon Biersch. Doing the Dam and heading up Boulder Hwy and ending at Downtown. That's the reason for the Dam Brewery, Barley's and Chicago. The following day we will be Downtown again so doing lunch at Triple 777.
        I'll do my homework on all your suggestions and find their locations. I picked up on Khoury's thru the last wine posting. I must say I like to brew my own and I'm partial to dark and malty brews. Bottled beer I can get anywhere so I prefer "on tap." 90% of all beers are soo much better from the tap IF FRESH.
        Thanks again and keep them commin.....

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        1. re: thingfiz

          Gordon Biersch is better than BJ's, especially in terms of food. BJ's food is ALWAYS disappointing. GB at least puts some thought and finesse into things, and their ribeye is surprisingly good. In terms of beer, I'd give a slight nod to GB, but I'm personally not fond of either.

          I'd second the recommendation for Burger Bar - decent food, and a good selection of beer. I think they have about 30 different taps.

          Be advised, unless things have changed, Freakin Frog will disappoint you if you like your beers from the tap.

          Chicago is great. I really enjoy that place. Good root beer there, too. :)

        2. The original location of Chicago Brewing Company is down the road from the Suncoast and is just north of Sahara on the west side of the road.

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          1. re: Eric

            Staying at the Suncoast 2 nites. Might have to try the Original location.

          2. Yeah, trust everyone when they say that BJ's food really isn't that good. I think it may have been better until they went "corporate". I have enjoyed Gorden Biersch in the past even though it has been awhile. They had a great cajun pasta dish.