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Mar 31, 2012 10:48 AM

fish on the Bosphorus

Sunday lunch with excellent fish/good Turkish wines in Arnuvutkoy or Sariyer, any advice. Guide is suggesting this, we are fearful of tourist traps here. Love Turkish food.

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  1. A must, especially in such good weather we are having right now! My two all-time favorites: no view but outstanding food in always busy Set Balik in Tarabya (only cash payments) and more relaxed great meal with a view in Akintiburnu Balik in Arnavutkoy (and a stroll around before). Please, report back on the experiences if choose either.

    Happy eating in Istanbul!


    1. Kiyi in Tarabya is an excellent choice. But if alcohol isn't a must, then Adem Baba in Arnavutkoy fits the bill. On Sundays (only) they serve fish soup, which is excellent.


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        Many thanks, where would you dine if you had 5 nights at Pena Palace, 3 nights at Swisshotel Bosphorus? Already have your fish on the Bosphorus recommendation. Am a professionally trained cook writing frequently about food, so I am prettty fussy. Istanbul Eats shows a rapidly changing food scene.

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          Many thanks for Kiyi, what is the opinion on the good Bebek fish restaurant and Sunset? I'll be writing about this trip, 11 days on both sides of town.