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Mar 31, 2012 10:34 AM

Restaurants for the Solo Traveler in Baltimore?

Hello All,

I will be traveling solo for 6 days in Baltimore and looking for suggestions for some modestly priced places to eat for the solo traveler. I will be staying on St. Paul Street and will have access to the charm city circulator and don't mind walking a bit. I will not have a car on this trip. I am open to most types of foods.
After viewing the threads on chowhouds so far I came up with the following suggestions. I would aprreciate a few more since I will be staying for almost a week. Standard breakfast restuarant suggestions near St Paul would be appreciated as well.

Greg's Bagel's (might be a problem getting there)
Lexington Market (Polock Johnny and Faidleys)

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  1. You might want to try Brewer's Art on Charles Street--which is a few streets over from St. Paul.
    also, head over to Fells Point. There are multiple restaurants, pubs, bars. Mezze is a tapas oriented restaurant. Both places have a bar area that is very conducive for solo dining.

    the places that you listed would best be for lunches. FoiGras

    1. Tapas Teatro on Charles Street .

      1. Pollack Johnny has closed
        Lexington market has lots of stands. Mary Mervis for deli sandwich, Faidley for crac cakes, raw bar and fried fish sandwich, the roasted nut vendor, the fried chicken and chicken liver vendors and Bergers for their world renown chocolate top cookies are just a few.
        Might want to grab a beer and light meal at The Owl Bar in The Belvedere just for it's classic beauty
        Also could check out the Fells Point area and lots of food choices there including Brick oven pizza, the iconic Bertha's for Mussels and Max's for it's huge beer selection and fells point is fun to walk around
        Pazo in harbor east is good for small plates
        The Helmond an excellent Afghan restaurant on Charles street is worth a try
        Vacarro's Italian bakery and gelato restaurant is great for desert.

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          Thanks for your suggestions!!! Keep em coming! Any breakfast suggestion as well!
          Thanks Again!

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            Samos in Highlandtown (Greek Town) is a hole in the wall amazing place. Love their Greek salad dressing.....

        2. I would scratch Greg's Bagels. Not special at all. However, it's in the same open shopping complex as Atwater's, which has fabulous soups and breads and would be perfect for solo dining (you're eating within a bustling market).
          I second the Mezze recommendation. Dukem for Ethiopian is also a delicious place, with huge portions for the price. For a nicer dinner (but where you could get a more moderately priced and delicious lamb burger), consider the Olive Room, which has excellent food and a great view of the harbor. Mezze and the Olive Room are in Fells Point. For dessert (or snacks), you should then head over to Pintango Gelato (in Fells) or Vacarros (in Little Italy).

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            If you did make it to Atwaters/Belvedere Market (which is about 6 miles as the crow flies from the Inner Harbor), then you could also get some tasty food and a great glass of wine or a cocktail at the bar at Grand Cru, in the same shopping center.