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Mar 31, 2012 10:18 AM

Great dining near Kissimmee or do I need to drive?

Greetings. Heading to Kissimmee with my wife. Part work, part fun. We love great food and great dining experiences. Ravenous Pig seems like a winner. To get that kind of dining experience do I have to travel through Orlando or are there spots closer yet still worthy? We're looking for a place that offers consistent great food. Price not a concern. Quality is. Looking for dinner options ,mostly. Thanks for any help.

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  1. If we are using Ravenous Pig as the example, you may need to drive. While there may be some great places in Kissimmee I haven't noticed or been to anything close to what the Ravenous Pig offers.

    With that here are some ideas.

    Nearby (Disney and South Orlando)

    Victoria and Albert's
    California Grill

    South Orlando
    Mikado Sushi
    Padrino Cuban
    Norman's at the Ritz Carlton

    Dolce Latin Bakery
    Fortuna Bakery (columbian/hispanic)

    Rusty Spoon Downtown Orlando