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Mar 31, 2012 09:52 AM

Chicken Crêpes - What's your recipe?

I haven't made these for a very long time, but my 10 year old has been bugging me to make them for several weeks (probably because she knows I'll make dessert crêpes, as well) . In the past, I would wing it and use whatever I have on-hand for the filling - often asparagus and/or mushrooms with a sherry or white wine cream sauce. If my garden is producing, I'll use whatever I have coming out of that (live in zone 5b, so that's NOT the majority of the year and certainly not right now). I've looked out there on the interwebz and haven't found a recipe that struck my fancy. Looking to see if chowhounds have any ideas. I have a very extensive pantry, root cellar, etc. so sky's the limit. Also, the kiddo is not picky at all and will eat anything. This is for dinner tonight (Saturday), but would love ideas for the future, as well. especially when garden is producing. TIA.

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  1. I make crespelle often so my recipes tend to be Italian and they're baked in a dish with sauce on top. I might make a riff on the riccotta torta from last month that used Swiss chard. Saute the chard with chopped onion in olive oil until tender, let cool and combine with ricotta and cooked chicken. Then a light cheese sauce using Parmigiano for on top and bake until browned. The mix of ricotta and Swiss chard is a wonderful flavor.

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      That sounds really good. Thank you! I don't have swiss chard, but I do have spinach. I bet that would work. I have all of the other ingredients. I was thinking of doing a tomato or sweet red pepper relish for garnish and that would go well with that.

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        The spinach will be fine, and if you have some proscuitto you can always lay that on the crepe, add the filling and then roll.

    2. Often I'll add curry powder and maybe extra cumin to the crepe batter. A white sauce with the chicken and peas (or your spinach would work, too), more sauce over top, bake until bubbly. The tomato relish would be great.

      1. Crepes are the perfect vehicle for leftovers and things you want to use up. I like sherried sauteed mushrooms mixed with chopped cooked chicken and either bechamel or hollandaise sauce and some parmesan cheese. Sauteed asparagus can sub for the mushrooms and a hint of curry added to the sauce.

        1. I make a fairly simple chicken crepe, based on a traditional Eastern European recipe.
          First, of course, the crepes themselves, fairly standard thin and soft, but made without sugar (or very little).

          The filling is simply finely chopped or shredded pre cooked chicken thigh meat (such as simmered in broth for 15 or 20 min), sauteed in some butter or ghee with chopped onions, salt, and pepper. And that's it, really (unless you opt to add some tarragon, thyme, rosemary, or any other favorite herb). I strongly dislike chicken breast meat and so I don't use it, but if you prefer that, go for it (I'm convinced it won't be as flavorful, though).
          Very simple but very flavorful.
          I've wrapped this simple filling up in slightly smaller crepes forming a bite sized (or a two-bite) package and it has gone over _extremely_ well when I've served it or brought it to a party as an appetizer.

          1. It may seem weird, but I had a pretty tasty chicken mole crepe recently.