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Mar 31, 2012 09:18 AM


We're interested in places to eat that are locally unique. We won't have trouble finding the Vegas venues of celebrity chefs (and have already eaten in many of them). We're here for ten days, staying at Vdara, havea car, know the city, and are willing to go anywhere. We're looking for recommendations at any price point, from taco carts to fine dining. We're just hungry for some home grown culture.

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  1. Taco El Gordo...DO NOT MISS

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      1. Todd's Unique in Henderson is very good - one of our "go to" places.

        If you want to dine outdoors there is Marche Bacchus in the Summerlin area. Kinda of a cool place, dine next to the lake and enjoy the wine from their store - with a $10 corkage charge - making the price point well below most restaurants.

        Mundo in the World Center is an option as well - upscale Mexican food - really good happy hour deals.

        Lotus of Siam for Thai - many threads on this board regarding LOS.

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          thanks for taking the time to reply!

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            Another vote for Lotus of Siam, but if going for lunch skip the buffet and order from the menu.