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Mar 31, 2012 09:10 AM

Hot and Sour Soup

Years ago I used to love the Hot and Sour Soup at Chun King Restaurant in Toronto on Spadina south of College (not Peter's Chun King which was around the corner on Spadina). Their Garlic Broccoli was really delicious too.)

When I was pregnant, I had that soup cabbed several times a week to my house in the Beach (shades of Elizabeth Taylor and chii from Chasen's).

I had a recipe that was very similar but it has disappeared (rather, I have misfiled it or lost it?

Can anyone help please|?

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  1. This Gourmet recipe isn't bad. All the ingredients are easily available in TO. Most people seem to hack a basic recipe like this to their own taste. I'd skip the cilantro leaves<<gags finishing post>>.

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      Thank you - I had actually downloaded this recipe when I discovered mine was missing although I have not tried it yet. I agree about the Cilantro although I love it, I would never put it in Hot and Sour Soup.

      The recipe I lost had preserved vegetables in it I might add them.

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        Thank you this is not quite like my lost recipe which had preserved vegetables in it, but it looks good, and it may be time for a change anyway.

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          Hot and Sour soup is like chili or chocolate chip cookies. There are dozens of ways to make it.

      2. I don't have the recipe from that restaurant, but I use Tyler Florence's recipe and add Char Siu pork that's homemade:

        It's so delicious I make a batch that's about 8 qts. worth every month and freeze it. Hot n Sour soup has been helping me use up the duck broth I've been making from duck wings that I roast for the duck fat for an eventual confit when I have enough fat. I sub in 2 cups of duck stock for part of the chicken stock.

        Since I freeze most of it, I use TetraPak'd tofu, as it holds up better in the freezer. I also buy the shredded black fungus to save time chopping mushrooms, then waste the time saved tying all of the lily bulbs into bows. :)

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          This looks delicious - i have received a number of versions and this one looks a little more tangy than some -the recipe I lost had preserved vegetables but none of the others seem to.

          Thanks so much for your help - I will definitely have a lot of fun experimenting.

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            P.S. I love thinking about you tying all those bows

          2. I love good hot and sour soup and while I have never perfected it; my opinion is that really good, home made, chicken stock is what is required.

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              Gotta agree on this point of the homemade stock. There was a phenomenal difference between the first batch of soup I made with canned Butterball brand chicken stock, and the next batch with homemade stock, where I'd browned the chicken in the oven first with a light coating of dry milk powder to goose the browning along.

              It's what caused me to finally invest in a good CrockPot, after shunning that appliance for all of these years.

              1. When I make HSS I use whatever mushrooms I have. I try to use wood ears and I slice them as thinly as I can. If I don't have homemade chicken stock, I use "Better Than Bullion". I also taste reseason with vinegar - one thing I find is that getting that right really impacts the flavor. Also, different sesame oils seem to have slightly different flavors so sometimes I add a tad more when reseasoning.