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Mar 31, 2012 08:59 AM

Crawfish in Restaurants

To separate the other thread from this one, let's focus on "restaurants only" on this one.

>Price per lb happy hour
>Price per lb normal
>Days of the week
>quality and taste
>any other relevant info

Some that come to mind:
Sam's Boat
Quality Seafood
Shoal Creek Saloon
Hot Boiled
Festivals of any kind

If you want to suggest buying live and cooking, please see the other thread.

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  1. Also pertinent to this thread is whether they 'sprinkle' the seasoning on the outside of the cooked crawfish or add it to the water that the crawfish are boiled in. This is a make or break deal for my south Louisiana palate. It should be added to the water for boiling without exception.

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    1. re: Oyster Boy

      Oh jeez, yeah... that sounds awful! Who does that? Sacrilege!

      1. re: Oyster Boy

        I think that some do both. A milder boil and then the sprinkle. Essentially, it gets all over your fingers and you consume it by accident. If you have kids, you can leave the sprinkle off so they can have milder bugs.

      2. Cypress Grill. Every Tuesday starting at 5:30pm and go until they're gone. Really, really, good!

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        1. re: blueclaw666

          Great - heard they were good. How much $?

        2. Pacific Star on North 183 has them.

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          1. Sea Dragon! I have never eaten the buffet there. I hate buffets. But they have awesome food off of the menu. When crawfish is in season, they serve that, too.

            1. Just had 4 pounds at Quality Seafood last night. $6.99/lb, a good mix of enormous (big enough to get meat out of the claws), medium and small. Seasoning boiled in, and what seasoning... fragrant, spicy...I picked a bay leaf out of one bug's claw. These were fresh and tasty. We have gone to Cypress Grill the last few years, but weren't impressed last year, so we fought traffic up to QS and agreed that it was worth every minute stuck on Mopac.