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Mar 31, 2012 08:12 AM

ISO Schmaltz

I know I could make my own, but is there any good source? I am in the Northwest, but would be willing to drive a reasonable distance.

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  1. Just as a hunch call Famous Deli and Ben and Irv's

    1. I've seen Empire brand schmaltz, might be labeled as chicken fat, at Shoprite in South Philly. If they have it, the grocery stores with large kosher sections on the Mail LIne surely will have it.

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      1. re: barryg

        ShopRite at Germantown Pike and Rt. 202 has it. Nothing better for sauteed veggies.

      2. Just about any grocery store with a kosher section has it. I know I've seen it at the stores around Jenkintown, like the Acme.

        1. Look in the freezer section in the supermarket, where they have frozen Empire chicken breasts. That's where I used to find it when I made the best matzoh ball soup - but it's been a while.

          1. Just in case you need to make your own. A easy micro method.

            SCHMALTZ - Rendered Chicken Fat (Pass)
            8 oz. unrendered chicken fat & skin
            1/2 med. onion, coarsely chopped
            Place fat and skin along with chopped onion in a clear quart microwave container (such as a Pyrex measuring "cup"). Place in microwave oven and cover loosely (with a glass cover, plate or wax paper). Cook on high until fat is liquid and skin pieces (grebenes) are brown and crisp, around 6-8 minutes. Saves grebenes, after draining, for use in kugels, stuffing, etc. Strain the liquid fat and discard the onion pieces. Pour fat into jar, cover and refrigerate or save in freezer

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              Ooh, I might have to try that. I usually just skim the fat off after making chicken stock and use that.