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Mar 31, 2012 07:01 AM

Sharpen daily use knives.

I started a thread way back about what knives cooks use daily, so here are some updates- I use a Wusthof 8" Chef, Wusthof bird beak parer and a Wusty serrated bread knife ( best for frozen bagels). All Grand Prix. I used Rowoco Sabatier for 20 years BW (before Wusthof) I use an ancient Craftsman 3" water grinder ( puts on a nice teeny 1/32" hollow grind) on them about once or twice a year and steel for touchups. They stay sharper than any other SS I have used and I sell vintage knives on Ebay. My parents ran a restaurant and I started in the back kitchen at 10 since I was too young to work out front. I've ground quite a few nice knives to stubs in the 50 years since. Most of my food-burning takes place in 4 vintage cast Iron pans ( 3 Gris and 1 Wagner ) so also use an old SS El-Cheapo $2 Cook's knife if I need cut up in the CI pans so I don't ruin the good knives. The reason I only grind them once a year----- NOBODY in my house uses them except me, they don't dig ditches, cut roses, pry open cans, trim crown molding etc etc. That's why I have 2 knife blocks, the other is for the rest of the family. It's amazing how long a good knife will stay sharp if you only cut food and don't abuse it. Get a machete for your yard, a HD scissors for your house, a razor knife for your carpet and leave the knives for the kitchen. I will admit the Wusthof L-O-N-G slicer that gets used about 4 times a year on BIG roasts and turkey cuts foam rubber GREAT!!!! How do YOU sharpen your best friends? B

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  1. Also NO GLASS CUTTING BOARDS, wood or plastic please, Glass is the fastest way to turn a $50 slasher to junk, B

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      I really like my hard-rubber Sani-Tuff cutting board. Much easier on knives than anything else I've ever used.

      For sharpening I use an EdgePro Apex kit.

      1. re: Moopheus

        Really? Maybe its different because I'm sure its not a sani-tuff, but my fiancee's mother's rubber cutting board makes me want to use my leg as a cutting board instead. It's intolerable. It's softer then anything I can even come up with right now and snags my knife worse then my fiancee snags my pay cheque. I can't get any rhythm on it at all.

        Second the edge pro though.

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          "I really like my hard-rubber Sani-Tuff cutting board. Much easier on knives than anything else I've ever used. "

          I have the opposite experience. I do like many things about the Sani-Tuff, but it dulls my knives much faster, not a little faster, but much faster. I say about 3 times faster.

          From my earlier post:

          Thin, stury, dense, (mine is thin, but there very thin ones)
          Has self-healing property against knife cut
          Does not wrap
          Does not require oiling or waxing
          Can be sanded (I tried it)

          Dulls knives faster (~X3 times faster) than my wood chopping block.
          Stain easily
          Gouge easily"

      2. "Most of my food-burning"


        I agree, I recently sharpened a Universal carver that is at least 50 years old on a Viel S5 and it's a joy to use. Using a knife as a screwdriver makes me go ballistic.

        1. Thanks for the description and story.

          Yes, glass cutting board will dull a knife very quick, but I think there is one more important reason to avoid glass cutting boards. They are dangerous. Foods are more easily slide on them, as you can imagine what could happen when you cut a food which is moving around.

          How do I sharpen my knives? I usually do a very light sharpening about once every 2-3 weeks on my 5000 grit water stone (Naniwa super) with stropping. I tend to rotate the usage of my knives from a Chinese slicer clever to a Tojiro gyuto to a Watanabe nakiri...etc. Because of the knife rotation, I can really afford to sharpen them on a monthly or even a bimonthly occasion.

          1. I really wish we could get rid of the term cutting board when referring to glass counter protectors!

            For a quick sharpen almost daily if not weekly with the knives I use most often I do have Wusthof pull through sharpeners. To do a very thorough job, something I rarely have to do, I have electric Chef's Choice and Shun sharpeners. I also have a diamond hone.

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              Let's call 'em "glass dulling boards" from now on.

            2. Have you tried a strop? They can keep you edge very sharp but may not be as toothy. I strop between sharpening sessions on demand. Sharpen maybe every few months or sooner depending on use. I try not to abuse my knives but they are knives so if they take a little abuse you sharpen. Doesn't take much to keep them in top shape

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