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Mar 31, 2012 06:40 AM

Seasons 52 restaurants

In February I tried the Seasons 52 restaurant in Altamonte Springs. It was very good. An interesting concept for a "chain" restaurant. Has anyone heard if one is due for the Sarasota area?

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  1. I'm sure you could check their website.

    I enjoy Seasons 52 but over the years realize there are some hits and misses there and one thing that is a bit bothersome is that their menu really doesn't change much per season. I wouldn't mind so much except the fact that they use it as a selling point and it's part of their name and brand.

    Their fish tacos, goat cheese ravioli and crab stuffed mushrooms are pretty good. The mini dessert are tasty

    I've had some issues with a few dishes as well. The seared Ahi Tuna Salad was not only a snooze of a dish, it just didn't seem to go together well, and the price of the salmon dish was high and not as good as my husband and I cook at home using similar ingredients

    I still enjoy it and with Darden Restaurants being Orlando based, I'm surprised they don't have a Seasons 52 in every county in Florida.

    Great place for a lunch with people who are watching their weight. Also great for coworkers or business lunch.

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      there's one in Boca Raton. I agree with you Sandwich Sis, the menu is boringly exactly the same despite their claim to changing it with the seasons. For one thing the change is every 4 months and the tweeks are so miniscule as to be nonsense (the chicken skewers switch back and forth between teryaki and curried for example). So big deal they have a special or 2 which changes. I've given up going there as I find the food nothing special for the prices and a menu which does not inspire me.