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Mar 31, 2012 06:37 AM

Intimate dinner - post pregnancy

I'm looking for to have an intimate dinner with my husband - sort of a 'just the two us' dinner after a month and a half of substantial newborn baby focused time. He's pretty plain Jane in taste. Nothing too exotic - Traditional American, Italian, French, maybe new American in taste. No steakhouse unless it is romantic. Pls exclude Two if by Sea. Looking to spend $150 - $200, with 1 drink each (have to take care newborn once we get one).


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  1. What area of NYC are you looking to dine in? My first thought is Apizz for delicious (safe) Italian and certainly for romance. You should fall well into your price range with a glass of wine each as well.

    1. Mas (farmhouse). May push the budget but doable without wine. Sexy feel. Bright, farm-driven, creative American cuisine.

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        We will travel anywhere save battery park