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Mar 31, 2012 05:44 AM

Cooking wild asparagus (very thin) with water in frying pan?

I found wild asparagus at the farmers market on Thursday and am preparing them for a dinner party tonight.
They are VERY thin- about as thin as toothpicks.

The woman who sold them to me told me to cook them quickly in a frying pan with water. It was impossible to get more information from her than that...How much water? For how long? I have no clue.

Does anyone know? I have about a kilo of them.

Or should I just quickly grill them on my stovetop grill?

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  1. The method of quick sauteing various tender vegetables is a tip I got from a recipe in the cookbook "Julia and Jacques Cooking At Home". It's quick and very easy. Basically it's this:

    Set a skillet containing prepped vegetables over high heat with a *small* amount of water, cover the pan and cook for a few minutes till water has just about evaporated. Uncover pan, add fat (small amount of butter or extra virgin olive oil) and seasonings (kosher or sea salt, freshly ground black pepper), sauté a few seconds and ...Done.

    I've made sugar snap peas, mangetout, haricot vert. and asparagus this way. The finished vegetables maintain their lovely green color and taste freshly picked.

    1. I love wild asparagus. However, my preference is to throw them into the toaster oven with a touch of oil and salt and pepper. Squeeze of lemon juice after they come out.

      But braising is good, too. I agree with Gio on how it is best done.