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Mar 31, 2012 05:29 AM

Route 8 corridor between waterbury CT and Torrington CT

Looking for some good restaurants for dinner between waterbury CT and torrington CT which about 1/2 way to meet with friends who come north and us, who go south. Nice midway meet up point.

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  1. If you're looking for a relaxed, casual place as opposed to fancy and upscale, I'd recommend Crabby Al's Seafood, 147 E. Main St. in Thomaston. I know going north on rt 8 you get off at exit 39 (the exit for rt6 east), take a left off the exit, go over the highway and it's right there on the right. It has a friendly local bar kind of atmosphere with decent food in good portions and reasonable prices. You can get right back on the highway in both directions there too.

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      Thanx. Actually, we have a place on Cape Cod so we generally stay away from seafood while 'inland'. This sound like it could be comfy, convenient and worth a shot. If the person in the kitchen loves what he/she does then it could be a pleasant surprise. I'll let ya know. Thanx again. Lillygirl.

    2. LItchfield is only a few miles west of Rte. 8. On the green there, you'll find The Village Restaurant, a great neighborhood-type place where the crowd is lively and the food from a varied menu is quite good. Down the block is higher-end West Street Grill, with excellent, imaginative fare.

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        Been to the West st Grill many times over the years. Always one of the best around. Also have been to the The Corner (on the corner right in the center of town) to be good. Tonite we've decided to meet friends (who come up from Woodbridge) at the Black Rock Tavern in Thomaston. (never been there....have you)?).

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          Let us know how it was. We've been to At the Corner a few times and found it pretty good for dinner but kind of so-so for lunch. It is definitely upscale from Crabby Al's. I am not a fan of The Village's food in spite of its old, homey atmosphere.

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            We wound up tonite at the Blackrock Tavern in Thomaston, which, as I thiught I remebered reading one time, is owned by the same chef/owner as At the Corner. We were quite pleased. The rib eye steak with au poivre sauce was enjoyed as was the scallop entree. The fish and chips looked it came from a whale, it was huge and nicely done in a beer batter. The chocolate mousse 'Mountain' was an outrageous dessert and enjoyed by the choc-o-haulics in the group. One dessert.....3 spoons....and we still didn't finish it! All very reasonably priced at $120 for three and each of us had a cocktail. We'd go back. I agree on your comment re: The Village Restaurant in Litchfield...nothing to write home about....very basic. We passed Crabby Al's on the way into Thomaston....the place was jumpin'!!! I think we'll give it a try one nite.