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Mar 31, 2012 05:27 AM

I'm BORED with my food

I usually spend my weekends cooking all sorts of yummy things. I had planned to try a mushroom lasagna today but I'm just not into the idea. Last night I was so blah that I just ordered a pizza. Id probably order Chinese tonight except my sister and her fiancé are coming over for dinner.

I am going back and forth between homemade manicotti, fish tacos, or grilled burgers as a last resort but none of that sounds particularly good either.

Help me with some dinner ideas! Please.

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  1. I'm bored too.......
    I've even bought a couple new cookbooks recently and
    that's not working either.....
    Good Topic

    1. The market usually inspires me; as do the seasonal prices. I can stand in the produce section and quickly pull a menu together. It's early Spring, there are some nice buys right now on asparagus, greens, citrus. Rather than a heavier stuck in winter menu, go light!

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        yes, I agree. And then visit the fish counter or the butcher and be inspired.

        Alternatively, explore flavor profiles you don't usually use.

      2. I challenge myself to find something new every week at the market or grocery store and figure out how to use it in a meal. By subscribing to several food magazines, I also make myself to try at least one new idea from each every month.
        Another way you can keep things interesting is to get the family involved in the kitchen or expand your repertoire to include ethnic cooking that might be out of your normal comfort zone. Recently there have been some features in Bon Appetite and Saveur about authentic Iranian, Thai, and Venetian foods that might offer some inspiration. There was even a recipe for Pho a while back.
        If all else fails, a perfect roast chicken and a bottle of good French wine is always a good "last resort" for me.
        Good luck!

        1. When nothing sounds good to me; that is when I know I have gotten back into the habit of eating too much or too rich food.

          1. Hey, you've just lost your cooking mojo for a minute, is all. It's bound to come back. In the meantime, what do your sister and her fiancee like to eat? If you cook with an eye to that, and it's something you can/will eat too, that should be fine. I wouldn't push myself too much. If you're good with homemade pasta, make homemade pasta. Same for the tacos. It all sounds good to me.