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Mar 31, 2012 02:56 AM

nyc chinatown

going to take teen daughter and friends to chinatown for afternoon and looking for a great rest, chinese or sushi ..famous clean consistent a must....have not been there since the 'dancing chicken' so any ideas???thanks

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    1. dude sushi in chinatown iz u kidding? go to shanghai cafe end of story

      1. Are you looking for Chinese food in Chinatown or for good sushi?

        There are no good sushi restaurants in Chinatown. Let alone 'famous' ones. Search for posts from our C-town mavens AubWah and Lau for wonderful recommendations. As are scoopG's.

        (Sushi is Japanese, but I am assuming you know that?) If you are looking for sushi downtown, NEAR Chinatown, I recommend a separate posting looking for sushi in "NoLita" or "Lower East Side".

        1. how knowledgable are you about chinese food? do you have anything in particular you want?

          i'm assuming you don't have alot of experience with chinese and given you want "clean", i'd recommend trying nom wah for dim sum, i think the dim sum is decent and its a clean and shouldn't be much of a culture shock. get some steamed roast pork buns, shrimp dumplings, pork siu mai, shrimp rice roll, turnip cake in XO sauce and chinese broccoli in oyster sauce. that should be good amount for 2 people

          scoopG has a good list, but if you know little about chinese food its going to be a little more difficult to navigate