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Sunday Lunch in April (not Easter weekend)

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I'm trying to find somewhere in the €35 - €50 per person range for a Sunday lunch. I'm thinking homely bistro type place - but open to any suggestions. We will be staying in the 9th and attending the international Mass (at 11am iirc) at the Notre Dame. Distance is not too much of a concern, but we will be relying on public transport and since my wife is 5 months pregnant, avoiding walking too far will ensure that my ears remain un nagged :-) Was considering somewhere in Versailles as an option to, but we are flying out of CDG in the evening, I thought it may be tight.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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  1. Goumard has been a favorite for Sunday lunch. Like many, they no longer chase Michelin stars, and prices are much more reasonable. On rue Duphot, near Opera metro.