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Mar 30, 2012 10:15 PM

Montanara on Ludlow

Well, it's here, in what was the Poutine space, and it's as yummy as it is in Forcella: same owners, with the tall, bald bearded one keeping an eye on things in the front. They had a soft opening last Sunday, and they were GIVING AWAY FREE PIZZAS! I scored a couple before work; happy-making! I think their red sauce is damn near perfect.

Their official opening was this past Wednesday, and I tried the porchetta sandwich: porchetta, fresh mozz and smoked mozz on their fried bread. It was a real gutbomb, and a good deal for $10, but...surprisingly bland. Could've benefited from a couple of spoonsfull of that red sauce.

Mere steps away from work, and the montanara pizza is $7 (or maybe $8?). I'll be a regular.

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  1. Don't confuse this place with another new pizzeria on Ludlow Street-via Tribunali, named after the street in Naples that has multiple pizzerias. It's cute looking ,but I didn't think much of the pizza,which had a wet texture in the crust. I went at lunchtime, looking for Montanara,but it was closed. so I went to via Tribunali. my suggestion-wait until dinner and go to Montanara. I tried this fried pizza in Naples(Staritas,etc) and thought it was amazing.

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      That's why the montanara is so nice: by deep frying, it avoids the soggy crust of the more typical Neapolitan-style pizzas.

    2. Nothing bad to say about this place at all, except that you can't get ice in your tap water (or I couldn't, anyway). Early-ish on this Saturday evening, it was about a quarter full and staffed by exactly two guys. I had an $8 mushroom pie, which was the perfect size & the perfect price. The sauce was light and fresh, the crust puffy, evenly cooked, slightly sweet (in a good way), and nearly greaseless. And the mushrooms were pre-roasted or pre-sauteed or pre-something, which is how I like my mushrooms. There's also a good deal available for appetites greater than mine: appetizer, pizza & dessert for $11.

      Oh, and I fixed the running toilet in the bathroom. You're welcome, Montanara!

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        Now THAT'S customer service!

        It's really dead in the neighborhood tonight; I guess everyone's in the Hamptons. I keep forgetting to go back; it's time I did.