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Mar 30, 2012 09:28 PM

Asian Food in Vancouver

Hello. My bf and I are total foodies with a preference for healthier, lighter cuisine. We'll be in Vancouver for two nights and would love some recommendations for Chinese food and sushi. We won't have a car so Richmond is out of the question although yes, I hear that is where to go for the really good Chinese food. Thanks in advance for your recs! Oh and we'll be staying at the Westin Grand to give you a sense of our starting point...

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  1. Even without a car, Richmond is very easily accessible by the Canada Line skytrain.

    This thread is a couple of years old but you can see just how many options are easily accessed from the various stations.
    I quite like Jade - a short (< 10 min) walk from the Lansdown station

    For sushi - Miko on Robson is a good bet.