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Mar 30, 2012 09:09 PM

Saturday lunch, starting from National Geographic Museum

I am taking my 11 yo son to the NG Museum today for the Samurai show and a movie or two. If we go for two movies we will be very pressed for time, if we just do one movie we can range afar. So far I am thinking about Shake Shack (he is picky but loves burgers), considering Founding Farmers but nothing on their menu really speaks to me, wondering about Nooshi and Sushi Taro, and thinking about just getting a cab if we have time and going over to Chinablock for some Full Kee. Also wondering about lunch at Eastern Market. I don't get into DC often, am I overlooking some obvious greatness? Is Eastern Market even a good idea? Is there anything closer to the museum that would compare to Full Kee? (that is, sort of cheap, kind of authentic, accessible for a picky 11 yo)

TIA, I promise to report back

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  1. If your son likes burgers, Shake Shack is an okay option ... there are still lines out the door for a Saturday lunch. You might want to try BGR at 1514 Connecticut NW (a couple of blocks west of the museum) or Black and Orange at 1300 Connecticut NW ... both of those have EXCELLENT burgers that in my opinion are better than Shake Shack's. Eastern Market is always a blast for a walking lunch (just stroll from vendor to vendor and sample the many delicious options), but if you're pressed for time it'll be difficult to get there and back in time for your other events. If you're thinking of the Chinatown area, your son might also enjoy a couple of barbecue options there. One is a quick-and-easy joint called Capitol Q (707 H St NW) and the other is a much bigger, more elaborate place called Hill Country BBQ (410 7th St NW). Both of those should fit your needs (i.e., sort of cheap, kind of authentic, accessible for a picky 11 yo). Have fun!

    1. Thanks Rogin, we ended up at Shake Shack. I'd like to check out your other recommendations too. Shake Shake was nice but the fries weren't really hot; for all their blather about cooking everything fresh that is kind of a dealbreaker.