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Help!! I bought a huge tub of cashews. Way to salty. Recipes please.

in my attempt to eat healthy I have decided to add nuts to my diet. I left cosco today with a huge container of cashews and find them too salty to eat on their own. Any suggestions or recipes. I hate to have wasted 16 dollars on something that's going to get pitched. Could they be rinsed and added to muffins? I usually just eat plain cashews so any tips or baking suggestions to get rid of their saltiness would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. How about mixing them with some unsalted nuts?

    Or just make cashew butter using a food processor.

    1. Maybe cut/compliment the saltiness by glazing them? Here's a recipe I found, it seems mega-easy. http://www.food.com/recipe/glazed-cas...

      I also stumbled upon this recipe, by Ina garten (it's different!

      Or: Chop coarsely and put on some vanilla ice cream. Ooooh.

      1. I would suggest putting them into a plastic bag with some slightly damp paper towels, shake them a lot, remove the paper towels and see if that removes all the extra salt then see how they are.

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          This sounds sensible to me. When I read the OP's initial post, I wondered why she/he didn't just shake off the excess salt? Unless they have been boiled in salted water. And I don't know they couldn't be mixed with some natural, unsalted nuts either. Both seem like good ideas to me.

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            yep, I ALWAYS put salted nuts in a wire mesh strainer and shake them over the sink. Amazing how much salt falls out......and the nuts are none the worse for wear. I wouldn't use damp towels tho---dry ones work just fine---clean terry towels work too.

          2. I was thinking maybe lay them out on dry terry cloth towels and rub with another one to rub a lot of the salt out. When I was a kid I had an international cookbook from the U.N. And one of the recipies if I recall was a cashew soup.

            1. I like cashews on salads, especially if there are grapes in the salad.

              I second the cashew butter though because the salt will work well in that and be balanced out by the other foods you are eating it with.

              1. I'd just rinse them and when dry, give them a few minutes in a hot oven.

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                  Many thanks, I have enough nuts to try all the different preparations. I think I will start with the cashew butter.

                  1. I say rinse them and make sugar-free chocolate cashew clusters or brittle.

                    1. Make a cashew pesto but omit the salt and Parmesan.

                      1. Its probably more involved than you would like (requires specialized ingredients like Palm oil/Dende or dried shrimp) and is possibly an acquired taste, but along with peanut it plays a prominent role in several Afro-Brazilian dishes such as vatapa (most commonly served with Acaraje which are black-eyed pea fritters, but also satisfying on its own as a stew), ximxim de galinha (a stewed chicken dish) both of which use ginger and coconut milk, and caruru (another dense stew which includes okra). Keep in mind the dried shrimp is salted and not all recipes soak it when considering salt (some peel, some don't). I placed them in rough order of how familiar they might be to anglo palates.

                        I like sweet and salt, so wouldn't have any issues trying them in a cashew brittle too.

                        1. Costco will take them back no questions asked, they're great about taking stuff back.

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                            We have already consumed some so I would feel funny about returning them. The salt is really fine and I suspect would still linger after rinsing. I am going to try choc. Nut clusters. The chocolate will offset the saltyness.

                          2. will be great on English toffee brittle!

                            1. i'd crush them and stir them into caramel to make a chewy, soft and crunchy treat... you could even coat cashew caramel balls in chocolate for chocarashew truffles...

                              crush them and add them to an egg and veggie pancake.

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                                Caramel,toffee,clusters.....truth be told I bought them to try and eat healthy. Oh well, I will start my healthy regime after making homemade candy for spring holiday( Easter or Passover)

                              2. Cashew Chicken - just omit any salt in the dish completely. This is a very basic one that I use: http://suebeehoney.com/recipes/show/9866

                                1. They are only salty on the outside. Agree with other poster: Put a bunch of them in a big zip lock into which you've put in some damp paper towels. Seal and shake. This will remove most of the salt. Spread them on a cookie sheet to air dry or put them in a barely warm oven for a few minutes. Oven door partially open.