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Mar 30, 2012 08:44 PM

Help!! I bought a huge tub of cashews. Way to salty. Recipes please.

in my attempt to eat healthy I have decided to add nuts to my diet. I left cosco today with a huge container of cashews and find them too salty to eat on their own. Any suggestions or recipes. I hate to have wasted 16 dollars on something that's going to get pitched. Could they be rinsed and added to muffins? I usually just eat plain cashews so any tips or baking suggestions to get rid of their saltiness would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. How about mixing them with some unsalted nuts?

    Or just make cashew butter using a food processor.

    1. Maybe cut/compliment the saltiness by glazing them? Here's a recipe I found, it seems mega-easy.

      I also stumbled upon this recipe, by Ina garten (it's different!

      Or: Chop coarsely and put on some vanilla ice cream. Ooooh.

      1. I would suggest putting them into a plastic bag with some slightly damp paper towels, shake them a lot, remove the paper towels and see if that removes all the extra salt then see how they are.

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          This sounds sensible to me. When I read the OP's initial post, I wondered why she/he didn't just shake off the excess salt? Unless they have been boiled in salted water. And I don't know they couldn't be mixed with some natural, unsalted nuts either. Both seem like good ideas to me.

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            yep, I ALWAYS put salted nuts in a wire mesh strainer and shake them over the sink. Amazing how much salt falls out......and the nuts are none the worse for wear. I wouldn't use damp towels tho---dry ones work just fine---clean terry towels work too.

          2. I was thinking maybe lay them out on dry terry cloth towels and rub with another one to rub a lot of the salt out. When I was a kid I had an international cookbook from the U.N. And one of the recipies if I recall was a cashew soup.

            1. I like cashews on salads, especially if there are grapes in the salad.

              I second the cashew butter though because the salt will work well in that and be balanced out by the other foods you are eating it with.