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Mar 30, 2012 06:57 PM

Where to go in Singapore at 2am

Hi guys -- I'm flying into Singapore from New York via HK, and as a result landing at 12:30am. I'm staying at the Four Season. Given that we will only have 24 hours in Singapore, kinda want to hit the ground running and squeeze in a meal -- so what's a good introduction to the Singapore food scene close to the airport or the Four Seasons, at sat 2am? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Not a lot of food places open in Singapore at that hour. But try Geilang. It is a red light district but there is some great local food there. It's quite safe - like all Singapore. In the morning head to Little India to the wet markets in Serangoon Rd for Roti Canai with curry sauce and Ginger Tea. Alternately Komala Villas in Serangoon road does awesome dosai, have a lassi to go with it. You could try and get hold of a guide called Makan Sutra - they review all the hawker stalls and local restaurants

    1. Hmm, many of the hawker centres (& pretty much all restaurants) are closed by that time (up till midnight is still ok but 2am is probably a bit late for most - I should mention that some stalls in Terminal 3 of the airport are open at that time... food standard is a bit iffy though). Options besides Geylang are:
      - Gluttons Bay next to the Esplanade, less than 10 mins from Four Seasons
      - Chatterbox @ Mandarin Hotel (Orchard Rd, just a couple minutes from Four Seasons) is open till 2am and serves a range of hawker favourites. Some people like their chicken rice (I personally find it overpriced and the service indifferent).
      - Balestier (a bit further from Four Seasons, about 15 min cab ride?) has decent late night fare
      - Ya Hua bak kut teh (two outlets, one at Keppel & the other at Havelock, if you go to the Havelock location there's also Teochew porridge not too far away) open till 3am I believe