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Mar 30, 2012 06:24 PM

Meat House

Apparently, The Meat House will be opening up in Branford, CT, next to Coastal Wine. It appears to be a small chain of butcher/food shops.
Does anyone have any experience with them and is it worth looking forward to?

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  1. I like it. I go to the one in Avon and I have been very happy with their marinated steak tips. They have Boars Head deli meats, some microbrews, and a great selection of local products. Breads, spreads, cheeses, etc from places right here in the Farmington Valley.
    It is not my go to for meat but it is a spot we go to when we are in the area. The staff is very nice, almost too nice, it actually bugs my husband that they are so over the top!

    1. They opened one on RT 25 in Newtown, CT. It didn't survive 6 months. I went in once. High prices, and not a great selection. I got a lot of 'we can order it in for you' as opposed to let me cut that for you.

      1. I go to the one in Avon, it's a convenient stop for me on the way home. I agree with Tinkerbelldee, steak and turkey tips are good. Meats are o.k. They are over the top friendly, but I have no complaints about that. I think their strong suit is the selection of local products. (cheeses, salsas, ice cream, to name a few). Having said that, I don't understand why they carry Stonewall Kitchen (the store is right across the street), and would prefer they use that shelf space for more local jams/sauces, etc.