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Mar 30, 2012 06:24 PM

Nashville in June

Hello all -
I will be staying at the Downtown Sheraton in June and will not have a car. Any suggestions for reasonable local places to eat, drink and listen to music? it will be my first time in Nashville. Thank you.

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    1. re: Littleman

      Puckett's on 5th & church just a few blocks away sounds like it'll fit your needs. If you're cabbing it, try City House just a few miles north of downtown in the Germantown neighborhood. The food and cocktails can't be beat, but you won't find music there.

      1. re: pete k

        I just got back from Nashville last week and stayed at that hotel. The best walking distance option is Puckett's. They have live local music as well. Cab ride to City House will run you about $6-8. Also in that same neighborhood is Germantown Cafe and an amazing chocolate shop right next door to it (Cocoa Tree, I think.) Of all the neighborhoods I saw (I did have a car) I liked Germantown - but there just isn't a whole lot there yet.

        A cab ride down to the Gulch will give you more dining/music options - I really liked the Station Inn for music (was there during Tin Pan South week and it was amazing.) That cab ride would run you about $8-10.

        1. re: tavmark

          I agree, Germantown Cafe, Cocoa Tree, City House are all terrific and an economical cab ride from the tourist zone. Also in that area is Monell's (another good choice for "southern food," served family style) and Mad Platter. There's also a nice tea house and Lazzaroli's (an Italian food shop, not a restaurant). This area's not too far from the Farmer's Market, either, which has some good choices during the day and on selected Friday evenings.

          The truth is that Germantown has been slowly, slowly, oh-so-slowly coming back over the years (decades). There is a LOT more there than there was even 3 or 4 years ago. It's close to neighborhoods that are still dicey, and the gentrification process has been slow. But, it's progressing.

    2. Alright...I would grab a cab and head over to a place in East Nashville called Family Wash. Prices are quite reasonable, food is very yummy (my favorite is the vegetarian shepard's pie, and I am not a vegetarian), and the music is the best in the city (in my humble). Puckett's Grocery is walking distance from the Sheraton, and they have tasty, fun food.

      I don't care much for the Broadway scene (too touristy, too many drunken college kids, too many skilled-but-boring cover bands), but on Broadway, there is Merchants which I've heard people say good things about for food and alcohol. There is also a Jack's BBQ on B'way. I've never been to that Jack's, but their location on Trinity Lane has very tasty ribs.

      If you want to drink, eat, and listen to music away from the tourists, take a short cab ride over to Five Points in East Nashville. You can do a pub crawl, get very good food, and hear much more varied and interesting live music than you ever could on B'way. The prices are somewhat more reasonable, the quality is higher, and there are far fewer vomiting drunks.

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      1. re: StrandedYankee

        The truth is that the downtown dining scene in that central tourist zone is largely mediocre. Also, anywhere in Nashville, great food and music just don't meet. Decent food & music, sure. But the places known for the food don't have music as a general rule. Merchants is OK, nice space, but overpriced. (Be aware the downstairs is a casual cafe, upstairs fine dining.) Jack's is pretty good but Trinity Lane is better. The best choice in that immediate area is Capitol Grille in The Hermitage Hotel. If dinner is too pricey, check it out for lunch or go to the Oak Bar for drinks and snacks.

        I agree 5points is fun and almost completely devoid of tourists. Other good E Nash spots not in 5points are Eastland Cafe and Holland House. You can also check out Pharmacy Burger next door.

        Other areas that are fun and not too far from downtown are Hillsboro Village / West End (the Vanderbilt area), Belmont (I particularly recommend ChaChah, ESPECIALLY for Happy Hour wine & tapas), 12South, and The Gulch.

        1. re: TLF

          I was trying to think what would make for a short cab ride with a lot of food and live music options. That's why I went for Five Points. One they are there, so much is in walking distance. I like Belmont for dining, but there is little to no live music. Hillsboro has fun bars, but (mostly) mediocre food and again, little live music.

          At Five Points, a woman in high heels could have a beautiful dinner at Marche (I've mentioned before that Marche is my favorite restaurant in Nashville), Margot, or Rumours East and walk to Red Door Saloon, Three Crow Bar, or Out Of Bounds. They could do 5-Spot if they want a real dive bar. It just seemed the best way to go if they won't have a car, and would like to avoid the overpriced tourist trap that is Broadway.

          1. re: StrandedYankee

            oh sure, I realize the areas I mentioned largely don't have live music. I was just pointing out other areas with good dining and nightlife.

      2. Fleet Street Pub in Printer's Alley is relatively new and very good for food & drink, not sure on the music front though. However, Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar is close by for music needs...

        1. I hit Robert's Western World for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Not a food destination for sure, but one of the best music scenes downtown. Real country played real well.

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          1. re: Cameraman

            I agree with you on Robert's about music. If you are going to do Broadway, they are tops for music. I wish they weren't on Broadway...I'd go a lot more often!

            1. re: StrandedYankee

              Broadway has its own bizarre charm. Sort of like Vegas on corn likor.