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Mar 30, 2012 06:13 PM

Thai food in Halifax

What is your fave Thai place in Halifax, any suggestions? Craving a good Pad Thai :)

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  1. Decent Pad Thai - but by no means lavish or decadent - at Chabaa and Talay Thai. Haven't been to the latter in quite a while.

    1. Fid makes an excellent Pad Thai during lunch service.

      1. I'm not a huge fan of Pad Thai, but I find ChaBaa Thai to be the best all around Thai place. I especially like the green curry and Panang Beef.

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        1. re: analysisparalysis

          Thanks so much for your help! I booked Chabaa. Seemed like the best choice based on reviews!

          1. re: sixtiescatfight

            Chabaa is excellent, but I think Gingergrass is my favorite Thai restaurant. Their Pad Thai is great! I'm really not a fan of Taly Thai. For some reason it is always listed on the Coast Best of Food, but I've never had a good meal there.

            1. re: Caper2010

              That's too bad. Talay Thai has always been my fav. I've never been to Gingergrass. I think I wouldn't know whether to eat Vietnamese or Thai... I don't like the idea of combining the two lol

              1. re: existential_crisis

                Seems the cooks at Baan Thai left & went to Talay Thai and then moved on to their own restaurant Cha Baa. That would explain the decline of the former two, especially Talay which suddenly went from very good to not so good.

                Gingergrass does some dishes very well but always thought of them as Vietnamese. They do Thai?

                1. re: chilibeanpaste

                  They do! One of the best Pad Thai's I've had and their curries are delicious. They do both thai and vietnam but I think the menu is more thai.

        2. re: FID's Pad Thai

          No question this was one if not the best restaurant in Halifax. BUT a group of us had their Pad Thai one Saturday just before they closed, they had set up their stoves on Birmingham. I have to say it was the absolute worst Pad Thai I have ever eaten in my life. And I might add I have eaten many a Pad Thai.

          The three cooks were definitely not focused on what they were doing, key ingredients were missing as we watched the cooking nor were their pans sufficiently hot. I cannot imagine this was a singular disaster.

          While I long for the return of FID let's hope they have laid that Pad Thai to rest.

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          1. re: chilibeanpaste

            Agreed. I have no idea why this pad thai got so much attention.