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Mar 30, 2012 06:00 PM

Why ask specific questions a phone call would answer?

Seems like there are way too many questions about specifics when a simple phone call would be more accurate. Examples are if a place takes credit cards, has a particular special/price, corkage policy etc? Wouldn't the restaurant itself have a better answer than opinions here?

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  1. I somehow enjoy calling restaurants where I have never dined, in cities I haven't visited in years, and getting quick answers to posters' queries and sharing the answer here. I hope they get it that they could have done it themself. e.g.'s - What's in your special drink. What time do you stop serving. Are your clams always fresh.(Pepe's - yes, from RI). I sometimes call to and from Mexico, my bad.

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    1. re: Veggo

      OMG...I do the same thing Veggo...must be the 9/16 connection.. ; )

      I concur that some things as a simple phone call to a restaurant instead of posting a question on corkage fee, which someone posted..'why don't you just call'.

      Recently, I had a scathing response from a poster and re-stated in another posts about stupid and dumb posters and he used my exact post which looking over this posters post, he had done the same thing...agreed, with him that I could of googled but had responded to over 15 posts.
      I wrote back to say the that this Mensa chica doesn't appreciate being called 'stupid' for not googling a subject and the beloved Mods removed it...thank you Mods!

    2. I'm always mystified at some of the basic information that could be had by a simple Google the address, telephone number and hours...and then phoning themselves to ask whatever queries they may have, instead of asking here. The epitome of being lazy.

      1. redny, I thought the entire purpose and point of the CH community was feedback. 99.9% of what is discussed on Chowhound or CHOW could be googled but the community here provides live, 24/7 information and feedback, reviews and points of view. Sure you can grab info quickly but then why bother registering w/this site if you don't need the community?

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        1. re: HillJ

          I turn to CH for subjective stuff. opinions, reviews. Not facts that are second hand, questionable accuracy at best. The price, policy etc one person perceived or actually experienced may have changed by the time someone else asks about it. Calling a restaurant direct avoids that. There are zillions of worthwhile posts here but the hard fact questions seem silly here.

          1. re: rednyellow

            redny, that's cool if it works for you. CH has millions of members weighing in with questions/answers and observations. If you're traveling, new to an area, have limited time, unsure about a cuisine-CH is valuable. There's plenty I don't need or use (including reviews) but there's plenty more I do. And while I am very capable of Googling the benefit of a community like this is the human touch.

            1. re: HillJ

              You're a more forgiving soul than I, HillJ! The closest to "the human touch" I'd like to apply to anyone so supremely lazy as to not google for readily-available data is the pointing of one particular finger.

              How much easier does info-gathering have to get? Used to be one had to pore through the phone book, encyclopedia, or other reference books when one had a particular question. Now one doesn't even have to use correct spelling or grammar to poke a question into a computer or smartphone and it's STILL too much trouble? I used to search this site and post thread links for the self-important "Chowholes" who think they
              are entitled to be spoon-fed the info they want, but now no longer respond at all.

              1. re: greygarious

                oh greyg, you always manage to make me smile. I figure community is about give and take. As much as I may give in replies I receive much more overall and generally the fun I have at CH makes it all worthwhile.

        2. I do not have privacy at work for phone calls, and have to limit personal calls to only when it's basically an emergency, and no long distance calls are permitted. It's hard to get all your calls made on your lunch hour when you are away from the computer and doing errands - this is when I go to the library, post office, pick up lunch, etc. and walking and talking on the phone and not having paper and pen handy makes this not the ideal situation for phone calls. And as soon as I get home, I am dealing with a cranky toddler going through a late version of the "terrible twos" who screams whenever you try to have a conversation that he is not involved with. It's easier for me to get info online.

          1. What about the young cook who posts an emergency question, perhaps after a couple of glasses of wine, when she is in the middle of a receipe? She is thinking of the other readers of the "Home Cooking" board as members of a community. If she had had our phone numbers she might call.