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Mar 30, 2012 04:49 PM

ISO West Village Bar/Lounge with Food for Group Event

I'm looking for a comfortable bar/lounge in the West Village that serves food/small dishes for a group of about 12 people for an afterwork hang on a weekday evening.

Nothing too fancy, nothing trashy/loud. Somewhere where we can talk comfortably that's not a sports bar and might have some nice lounge-type seating for a big group and a decent wine list.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. Alma33 seems like it'd be perfect for this kind of event. It's a likable neighborhood spot with a very comfortable front room. There are bar-height tables that groups can congregate around, either seated or standing, which worked well for my party of eight.

    The (Argentinian) food and cocktails are fair to very good (sweetbread skewers, skirt steak skewers). I haven't loved the wines I've tried, in truth, but there is a not-too-brief list to choose from.

    If you need a place with couches, The Dove is often recommended on this board. They have fair cocktails and a few basic-ish bar snacks. I don't remember trying the wine, there. It's a favorite for NYU grad student get togethers.

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      If your get together is between now and mid-April, Alma33 is off the table, unfortunately. I walked by it, yesterday, and noticed a sign saying that it's temporarily closed for some sort of emergency.

    2. ive seen plenty of small group gatherings at anfora on hudson/8th ave. solid italian wine list...not sure if they have a full liquor license though.

      other options:

      -jeffreys on christopher
      -8th street wine bar

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        If you go to Jeffrey's, go early. By around 7, there may not be room for 12. It's a small place.

        8th St. Wine Bar is even smaller. Twelve people would pretty much take over the space, but I don't think 8th St. Wine Bar is nearly as busy.