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Mar 30, 2012 03:47 PM

Saturday Morning Bachelor Party Brunch

A bachelor party group of about 15 guys, late 20's need a good place to eat /drink brunch on saturday morn before some activities. I was thinking somewhere fun, cheap drinks, or BYOB, and good food.

We have a van to take us anywhere so maybe something at a cool old timey venue or outdoors. Not necessarily looking for a party since we are staying in the FQ. Just something unique and not fine dining either.

Thanks for you help and feel free to post any ideas about other good places for groups to eat.

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  1. Elizabeth's comes immediately to mind. Cheap, fun, no pretense, pretty good grub.

    1. Well, I would start with the Carousel Bar, at the Monteleone Hotel, for great Bloody Marys, and then limp down to Brennan's for brunch.

      Enjoy, and walk safely,


      1. Brunch" -- Is this the morning before or after the actual bachelor party? In your 20's you may not realize this plays a role, lol. Your mention of a van screams one of my favorite joints, Rivershack Tavern it sounds perfect for you. If this intrigues, let me know and I'll give you more details.

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            Didn't see brunch on the Rivershack website. It does look fun. What about a place called Coulis? I hear its BYOB

            1. re: loggdogg

              The Rivershack doesn't have a specific brunch, but they open at 11 and have specials on Bloody Marys and Mimosas, as well as a good variety of better-than-it-deserves-to-be bar food as a result of having a pretty serious chef. It's a fun place at any time of day.

              Coulis is a diner basically, and I don't think it's a good fit for a group of 15, but I'm sure you could call and ask what they think.

        1. Martinique Bistro is fun and there's outdoor dining.

          1. Katie's in midcity has bottomless mimosas and bloody marys- I haven't checked out the brunch though, yet.