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Mar 30, 2012 02:12 PM

800 degrees --what's with the lettuce stems?

This is the second time I have ordered a salad at 800 Degrees, and they seem to throw the salads together without trimming the stems--or washing them for that matter. The lettuce is full of grit (or worse). In my experience, every single leaf of lettuce in the salad seems to be attached to a stem. Anyone else have this issue or am I just randomly unlucky?

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  1. what's wrong with lettuce stems? if there's grit, that's a problem but i see nothing wrong with serving (and eating) lettuce stems. maybe i'm just frugal. slightly off topic, but i was served deep fried roots of green onions at ink. and found it rather enjoyable (mostly for the interesting texture).

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    1. re: soniabegonia

      I am talking about the bottom of the stem where the leaves are attached together. This can't be cleaned unless they are trimmed. I understand buying lettuce this way, but when I pay for a prepared salad at a restaurant, I am not anticipating that each bite needs to be dissected with a knife at tableside in order to remove the dirt between the leaves. (Have you tried one of these salads? This is nothing like a fried green onion.)

      1. re: coffeebrownies

        Oh i see. I thought your issue was that they were serving lettuce stems (and that they were dirty, but that was secondary). No, i've never been to 800 degrees and just i found it odd that serving lettuce stems would be considered gauche. The point i was making with the green onion roots is that i like the notion of eating all parts of a plant, such as the roots of green onion and lettuce stems.

    2. i've only had their salads 3 or 4 times, i've never encountered grit at all.

      1. no big surprise. The people who work there could care less, it seems. I so much wanted to like this place but after a few visits I realized they were simply hiring people without training them. They would have a person learning how to make a pie making pies and then serving them. HORRENDOUS. No consistency whatsoever.

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        1. re: epop

          Right on!!! This place is a big joke and an insult to Neapolitan pizza.. My pops and I checked it out one afternoon and just standing in line watching before we ordered we, wanted to leave. But, curiosity prevailed and ordered a couple of pies.. Like I said "WHAT A JOKE!!" This place is like Subway or Chipolte but, with pizzas.. Just another example of corporate fast and casual food goons killing a good thing.. Just the marketing alone they do on their pizza box is a red flag to not eat there.. Better off spending the $$$$ flying or driving to Arizona to pizzeria Bianco for a Neapolitan done right. OH MAMA MIA!!!!

          1. re: Chez Coop

            funny, yes, agreed. Or to Delfina in San Fran.

            1. re: Chez Coop

              If you are going to call the pizza a joke you should actually review the pizza instead of the pizza box, the line or the restaurant concept.

              As far as the salad, I like the chopped but haven't tried any of the others. I'm actually surprised they would be using anything but the triple washed, boxed greens.

            2. re: epop

              respectfully disagree.
              i eat there weekly, always ordering the same thing, and it has been consistent from week one.
              i don't require that anyone "care" as long as the FOOD that is served to me is acceptable.
              for this price, haven't found anything that competes.
              of course, if you think it's fair to expect a $6 pizza to be as good as a $20 pizza, you surely won't be happy. . . .

            3. one of my giant pet peeves is when a place just throws the stems of lettuce. i've had it happen to me twice in my only 2 visits to sweet butter in sherman oaks.

              1. Isn't the problem that you are going there and ordering a salad?

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                1. re: ipsedixit

                  so I guess they shouldn't wash the greens.

                  I have only ordered pizza and swear it is the most inconsistent place in town. That's what happens when you hire tons of people who could care less about pizza and have them making you their first pizzas, instead of actually training them first.


                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    Well--pizza and salad seems to be their offering, so I am not sure why it is a problem to order the salad alongside the pizza.