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Mar 30, 2012 01:55 PM


I'm looking for restaurants that are preparing Passover foods this year so I don't have to ask a million questions about the ingredients. Kosher for Passover not necessary. I'm also looking for places that have good prepared foods, including desserts or side dishes, that I can buy to bring to the family seder.

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  1. re: prepared foods - Citarella, Fairway, and Zabar's

    1. This is awfully vague - if "kosher for Passover" isn't necessary, what million questions would you have about the ingredients?

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        I ask about flour, bread crumbs, legumes, rice. Foods that are sauteed may be dredged in flour first. Even when it's not Passover I have to be on guard for pork. I don't want to send something back if it is served with something I can't eat and then have to start all over trying to find something I can eat. I don't keep Kosher but I do observe Passover.

      2. Sarge's Deli on 37th Street & Third Avenue has many Passover foods like gefilte fish, tsimmes, honey cake, etc. You can eat there or take-out at the counter.