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Mar 30, 2012 01:50 PM

Oahu, great fries?

For lent this year I gave up french fries. In order to make it a more meaningful sacrifice I included sweet potato fries, onion rings, tater tots, and (for Joebob) eggplant fries. No sense giving something up just to replace it with something else right? So in about a week and a half I get to eat fries again (within reason after the first week of enjoyment.) Any suggestions? In consideration are the sweet potato fries at Burgers on the Edge and the regular fries at Big City Diner. Kua Aina don't seem to be as good as they used to be, and I know McD's are always good... but thinking something more special than that.

Waddaya you folks think?

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  1. I love the fries at town. They are double fried and tossed with fresh crisply fried herbs, amazing. Below is a picture. This is a side order. We didn't order anything that came with them and I always have to have them!

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      ooh, those do look good. i'll have to remember to get an order of those next time I am at town.

      With fries, it depends on the style that you like. I prefer thin and crispy. While maybe not great fries, I have enjoyed the fries at the following places.
      I have always been partial to the fries at W&M. The garlic fries at Leo's Taverna downtown are good and are done like the ones shown by manomin above. Gazen Izakaya has good furikake fries w/ a wasabi aioli dip. I enjoyed the fries at Rumfire as well. Interestingly it's a very varied list.

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        Double-fried is the trick the Belgians and the Dutch employ to make world's best IMO, so I will have to try town's fries.

      2. Wow, wish that I could help, but, though I am a big fan of fries, cannot think of any, that make a real difference.

        Let us know what Easter Sunday brings for you!


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          well, as good as manomin's pic looks, town is closed on sunday, so it won't be there. still 8 days so we will see what else is recommended. I think Leo's downtown is closed as well. Never would have thought of Gazen... interesting.

        2. Sounds great. Know of any place that serves them with gravy or maybe they could pour it on top?

          1. Give the fries at Da Falafal King truck a try. Don't eat fries very often, but had those recently and they were good. Thick, not thin, but I liked them. BTW, the truck was "stolen" last week and MIA for a while, apparently by a previous owner, but is back in business next to Down To Earth.

            Is this the place to go into great onion rings, or should that be a separate post?

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              anyplace is good to discuss great onion rings... LOL.
              ah, a custody battle over a lunch wagon... cool. Which down to earth? Moiliili?

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                  they are relocating from down to earth, not sure where yet. however, there is a location in waikiki.

            2. The Wolfgang's Burger Deal with Steak Fries and Onion Rings is pretty hard to beat! $10-