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Mar 30, 2012 12:37 PM

Pizza in Evanston or North Chicago area

Going to visit Northwestern University and want to experience Chicago deep dish pizza for dinner or for lunch. I am familiar with Lou Malnati's that has a location near there, but am wondering if that is the place to go. Also, I am interested in finding out if it would be worth a drive down to Chicago for better options as we will have a car or could take public transit. I appreciate the assistance.


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  1. Malnati's is the general favorite on the board and my personal favorite (I live near the original and have been a regular there since the '70's).

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      I'm not a big fan of butter & I saw that they have a butter crust. I can't imagine what that must be like, but am willing to give it a try if it is supposed to be good. Is it greasy?

      1. re: bobygee

        I would go to the Original Lou Malanti's in Lincolnwood (Ferret's suggestion) since you have a car and the parking is free. The butter crust is an option and not necessary IMO. Go easy on the toppings and enjoy!

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          I second going to the Original in Lincolnwood - only about 2-3 miles west of Evanston - has more character than the Malnatis outpost in Evanston - Pizza is the same only other difference is there are some additional appetizers on the Lincolnwood menu -

    2. It's not a long drive to Great Lake on the north side of Chicago, considered by some to be among the best pizza places in the entire country. Not deep dish . . . better.
      1477 W. Balmoral
      Call ahead. 773-334-9270

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        It doesn't get a lot of buzz, but I really like Carmen's Pizza in Evanston. Burt's Pizza in Morton Grove would be an easy drive, and gets a lot of love from Anthony Bourdain and others.