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Mar 30, 2012 12:37 PM

How to eat a cupcake...?

I noticed in a story/review ( the writer implying that eating a cupcake with a fork isn't the right way to eat a cupcake. But I hate eating cupcakes with my hands--they get all greasy, and it's hard to get a balanced bite without just gluttonously cramming the whole thing in my mouth. Revolting. (Exaggerating only a little.


Do you all eat cupcakes that way?? I have never thought about it before, but now I want to go watch people at bakeries, to see what's the norm.

(Aside: the restaurant that was reviewed sounds like fun.)
(Other aside: I am really bothered by the auto-chowhound-formatting that puts the closing paren of a paragraph-ending digression on the next line.)

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  1. Never use a fork for a cupcake. That reminds me of George Costanza's ill-fated attempt to popularize eating a candy bar with a knife and fork. I have no problem with taking small bites. Most cupcakes are baked in liners, which minimizes messy hands.

    1. Pull off the liner
      Break off the bottom
      Place bottom piece over the frosting (like a sandwich)

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        1. I am a cavegirl. I eat the cake part first, or most of it, with my hands, leaving the divine frosting for last. I eat creme brulee, etc, neatly, but cupcakes are all hedonism.

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          1. re: pinehurst

            Totally agreed---stump first, with little regard for the crumbs I leave dying and bloodied along the way.

            1. re: Brianne920

              Well, I have to concede that I also have some depression-era obsession with eating every crumb, as well. It pains me how much cupcake/muffin sticks to the paper.

              And I guess fork-eating sounds a bit prissy, but I really don't like having to move on to something else with greasy hands. If I can wash them afterward, digital-dissection is all good.

              Still, that cream-cake ratio is an issue unless it can be taken apart and rearranged. Like that whoopie-pie-esque sandwich technique.

              1. re: eethan

                I think a whoopie pie is an ideal ratio of frosting to cake--less frosting. I wish they would make a resurgence over cupcakes. So much easier to serve, too.

          2. This is one reason I don't like cupcakes. The ratio of filling to cake is too high. I don't want a big bite of frosting followed by a bite of cake. I wish places would use mini tins, one bite. And, much better portion control. I rarely want the whole cupcake.

            1. First: you must CAREFULLY peel the paper off. Food isn't best eaten off paper what's glued to the food.
              Then, you survey it. Observe carefully. This will determine your First Bite, which is the best bite.
              Be on the alert for: The thickest frosting=place. Right at the rim, or cupcake top, if you will.
              Now bite right there.
              Pure bliss.