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Mar 30, 2012 12:37 PM

Blue Corn Pinon Pancake explosion

Is it just me, or is there a seeming boom in the number of restaurants offering blue corn pinon pancakes with breakfast or brunch in the last year?

There was even an old topic:

If this is the new current trend, I like that better than cupcakes. Here's what I found in the tri-city area.

Casa Chimayo
Ezra's Place
Sophia's Place
Tecolote Cafe
Cecilia's Cafe
Santa Fe Baking Co & Cafe
Pueblo Harvest Cafe
Plaza Cafe
Michael's Kitchen

Who else?

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  1. Santa Fe Culinaria sells the mix.
    Cafe Plazuela at the Hotel Albuquerque had them at one point. Don't know if they still do.
    Guadalupe Cafe has Blue Corn Pinon French Toast,
    and the Madeleine Inn in Santa Fe often serves BCP waffles.

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    1. re: ninrn

      If I only have time to hit just one of the aforementioned which is your favorite?

      1. re: rschwim

        The Madeleine Inn's are probably the best, but I think their breakfasts are only for the inn's guests, so Guadalupe Cafe is probably next bet. I don't live in Santa Fe, and I notice Guadalupe no longer has a website, so I don't know if they've recently closed or something. I'd call first to check, and to make sure that dish is still available, too.