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Mar 30, 2012 12:10 PM

Best Strawberry Icing for a Fudge Cake

Hi, all, I will be leaving my current job next week, and I was the resident baker of the department. I thought I'd bake some for my co-workers as my own way of saying "bye." Anyhow, one of my co-workers absolutely loves the King Arthur Flour Favorite Fudge Cake. Usually, when I make this, I include a teaspoon of instant coffee to bring out the chocolate, and I often make a cream cheese icing. I thought I'd make it a little different this time, though.

With all of that explanation out of the way, can anyone suggest a strawberry icing or glaze that they have used for fudge/chocolate cakes?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've successfully stirred a spoonful of different jams and jellies into my favorite cream cheese frosting. For something thinner, I would just add milk until you got it to the right consistency.

    1. Unless I knew for sure that my "audience" likes chocolate/fruit combos, I would not do this. Lots of people like both, but NOT together. I can barely stomach the idea of chocolate with cherry or raspberry. Strawberry and chocolate? No thanks. I think you'd be safer with a cream cheese, caramel, or coconut frosting (or even combinations of those).

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        I must agree with Greygarious on this one, although I hate to discourage anyone's cooking ideas. I love chocolate cake, but don't really like most fruit/chocolate combinations and I've heard a lot of people say the same. The coworker who loves the version of the cake the OP always makes will probably be thrilled to have the same thing again.