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Mar 30, 2012 11:59 AM

Pork Stock

Posted this in the wrong forum! Reposting it here:

I recently bought myself a large pork shoulder and used the skin and bones to make about 4 qt's of pork stock. I immediately though of making a split pea soup, but I've had that a thousand times and wanted to try something different. Anyone have any suggestions for what I could make out of my pork stock?

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  1. I'll use pork stock for pretty much anything I might use chicken stock. Soups, braises, pan sauces, etc. A household favorite is to make a simple phony pho out of it - noodles, chiles, herbs, etc. It makes a particularly solid liquid for cooking beans in as well.

      1. I have used this kind of pork stock to make other bean dishes. My favorites use either small, dried red beans or black beans, with a basic sofrito of onions, green and red bell peppers, and garlic. Cumin, oregano and cilantro are nice additions. I add a dash of sherry and fresh lime juice at the end, and sometimes diced tomatoes. Serve with a mound of rice in the middle of a bowl and ladle the beans around and sprinkle with some fresh cilantro.

        1. Porridge (or congee)

          Savory oatmeal



          1. I generally use pork stock for Asian clear broth soups....or with white beans, a mixture of beans or lentils for soup. Split Pea Soup needs cured ham bones for me.