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Students looking for a place with drinks and food! (Cheap would be great!)

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A bunch of us are looking to go to a spot somewhere in downtown Toronto where we could eat and have some drinks. As we're all graduate students, we are on a very tight budget!

Also, we're going for a special occasion, our friend is moving back to Nova Scotia so not sure if that makes a difference!

Any help would be appreciated it :D

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  1. Would be more helpful if you actually stated your budget.

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    1. re: szw

      Right, sorry.

      I would say meals in the $10-20 range, drinks nothing higher than $12?

      1. re: ammaark

        I'm a big fan of Crown and Dragon at Yonge and Bloor or Wvrst at King and Bathurst

        But that is just my preference, are you looking for somewhere casual like a pub for beers and pub food or somewhere more where you can sit down, and have wine and cocktails

        1. re: foodiction2

          Either/or would be fine :)

          1. re: ammaark

            Insomnia Bloor \ Bathurst

            http://www.insomniacafe.com/main/events/ ( Drink specials


            http://www.insomniacafe.com/main/menu/39 ( Menu




            Let us know where you ended up going


            1. re: Luvtooeat

              Restaurant drink SPECIALS


              1. re: Luvtooeat

                We ended up going to Insomnia! We went out last night, and it was a great success! Great prices, and a wonderful atmosphere. There were 18 of us, and everyone was accommodated.

                Would definitely consider going back. Thanks a lot Luvtooeat :)