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Apr 19, 2007 08:23 AM

Container Gardening for Wild Leeks? [split from Ontario]

would it be possible to grow my own on say... a condo balcony? i realize the beauty of them being wild is from what it gathers in the soil, but i'm curious to know how they'd fare in a more urban/controlled environment.

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  1. I don't think they would do well in a container garden. Wild leeks seem to associate with certain types of forest environments - so they might need something in the soil or some type of dappled lighting. I planted mine in a mixed bit of bush, among maples and other hardwoods. It's also slightly damp - which I think they like. A container garden would allow the roots to become frozen and dehydrated in the winter, and might not hold the dampness in the spring. As soon as the heat of summer hits, the leaves yellow and collapse - like tulips. So they're not a pretty plant.

    Having said that - you can try it. Nothing to lose, is there? I'm going out to check on my leeks right now. Will report back asap.

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      THEY'RE UP! Just starting - but it looks like some of the leeks I planted actually took! Woo hoo. Very exciting.

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          I got a bag of leeks from a friend who has them growing on her property, and instead of eating them, I planted them. I'm sure seeds exist, but this is an easier method. If you are able to get wild leeks that are untrimmed with all the roots intact, they'll grow.

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            yes ive collected some seeds this year that were hanging on they need warm cold warm to germinate they may come up first year but def the second I plan to collect this summer and replant in rows

    2. at least 34% shade moisture a huge aqaurium with partial cover

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        I'm not sure about wild leeks (I am assuming that waht you are describing is the same thing as ramps). But I have several patches of wild garlics in big pots, doing just fine. They growing as well, if not better than the domestic garlic in the pot next to them.