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May 14, 2007 10:49 AM

Wild Leek Ideas

Our leeks are ready now. I just came back from a successful forage having found several large stands of them in different locations. I brought enough for tonight - here is what I have.

Any suggestions as to what I can do with them for dinner? I've never used them before - they smell amazing.

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  1. They are good with pasta. Recently we made wild leeks in a carbonarra with pancetta. Chop the white parts and cook, add the greens near the end. Something like this:

    If you use this recipe, you will want to cook pancetta much more than what they recommend for prosciutto.

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      Thanks, mikeb. We had some local smoked bacon on hand and tried your recipe. Very good.

    2. saute in butter chop whole plant in cluding leaves they are tender right now for two three miutes put in bowl --wisk some eggs for omelete gently cook then add leeks mushroom mixture --grate your favourite cheese not too much flip omelete enjoy oh ground blk pepper after no more salt you will ruin the taste cheers