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Mar 30, 2012 09:33 AM

Super Moon Buffet in St Louis Park - Any tried it?

I see that a new chinese buffet - Super Moon Buffet , has opened in SLP. Any one been to it yet? If so, how does it compare to other options in town?

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  1. We tried to go for lunch today (Saturday, 3/31/12) at 1:00, but they were not open yet.

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      Yes, I just drove by today too. How odd - they are already advertising in some magazines as "Now open". However, undeterred, I did look inside as the door wasn't locked. The decor actually looked very nice for a buffet restaurant so I think atmosphere wise it looks promising. As for the buffet, the layout looks extremely large and it seemed to have a huge area for the mongolian grill. I would have to say it looks like very promising.

      Hoping it will be good. I tried calling the phone number in the ad but it didn't seem to be active. But based on my quick look inside, it looked very finished, so I expect it will be soon.

    2. Could you please include the address? St. Loius Park is quite large...

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      1. re: ibew292

        it's the old Fuddruckers, south frontage rd alond 393 just east of Louisiana.

        1. re: stymie

          Super Moon Buffet
          6445 Wayzata Blvd
          St Louis Park

      2. Once you've been to one, you've been to them all.

        1. Opening Day today. Just tried it and it definitely exceeded expectations. 8.99 for Lunch with standard (giant) buffet, Hibachi, and Sushi. Lot's of fresh food. Place was packed on day one. Great value with something for everyone in the group.

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            Thanks for the report! Going to give it a try this weekend.

          2. Went to Super Moon Buffet for dinner on opening night with my family. (4/5/12)

            We all enjoyed the very large buffet and variety of food. Sushi bar too! Didn’t have enough room for the Mongolian Grill, but it looked amazing and there were many people enjoying it. Nice décor, and the friendly servers promptly refilled waters and sodas and cleared away dishes. Lots of dining space and a neat Coi pond near the front of the restaurant. The only thing I’d have changed about the experience was the overhead music was a bit cheesy. Nice and clean, good food, a positive experience; looking forward to going again and trying the items we couldn’t try this time. Adults Lunch is 8.99 and Adults Dinner is 12.99

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            1. re: Imnotacook

              I had a chance to try Super Moon Buffet today for lunch. Here is my review.

              As you walk in there is a nice Koi pond as you enter. It's actually pretty large - the kids loved that part. I didn't remember all the prices, but lunch is 8.99 during the week and 9.99 on Saturday. Dinner is 12.99 weekdays and 13.99 on Saturday. Don't remember what Sunday prices were. The seating area is very large and there are plenty of booths, which I prefer. Decor is very nice.

              As for the buffet, it's huge. No other way to describe it. Usually at most buffets I can sample most of the dishes that look good. There were so many choices here, it simply wasn't possible to try them all. For Saturday lunch there were 5 different kinds of soup, including a beef ball soup which I hadn't seen before. There was a dim sum section with between 10-15 types of dim sum. There wasn't the mad scramble for dim sum like there is at 98 pounds, which was nice. The salad bar looked very fresh and had lots of variety, but I will admit this isn't the reason I go to Chinese buffets. In terms of the hot food section, there were probably at least 30 or more different dishes. For lunch there were a number of shrimp dishes, as well as other seafood selections like salmon, fried cod, clams, etc. For the hot section, I would say the quality was similar to other places in town, but a much larger selection.

              The standouts are the sushi and the Mongolian grill. There were about 12-15 different types of rolls for lunch, but they were significantly more creative than the rolls at 98 pounds. There was plenty of salmon, tuna, eel, white tuna in various combinations and types. I thought the sushi exceeded the quality of any other buffet in town (although realistically only 98 pounds is the only other competition in that category). Next to the sushi was a huge fruit bar. I only tried the lychees, but the rest look good and very fresh. Then there was the Mongolian grill. Amazing variety, very neat and clean, with lots of items I had not seen at other buffets. This was the nicest mongolian grill selection by far. Yumm!!

              Service was very friendly, and as noted above, they were very prompt with refills etc.

              Highlights: Sushi, Dim Sum, Mongolian grill, massive selection, friendly service.

              Cons: Higher than average kids prices, almost too much variety - place needs to be very full to keep fresh.

              Overall, this one is pretty easy. In my opinion, Super Moon Buffet has set the new standard for a chinese buffet in the Twin Cities. I would say it the closest we have to a premium buffet such as Minado/Todai/Onami. Of course, it isn't quite that level, but it's still really good. As I stated in my initial review of 98 pounds, it's a bargain at this price. Which means that over time prices will have to increase or selection/quality will decline. We will see what happens, but for now this is the new champ in town!

              1. re: TDS1

                Next time make sure you try the eggplant!. If the quality stays hi and price lo, I will be going every week (for lunch). The fresh asparagus looked pretty tasty and I don't even like asparagus.

                1. re: TDS1

                  I was there Friday for dinner...not alot of people, but plenty of food. Went with 7 kids for a birthday and they loved the choices, especially the sushi and the bbq ribs. I loved the duck..didn;t like the chinese food that much, the fried stuff like the general cho was very soggy. The sushi was prime though. The staff is excellent, keeping our glasses full. We will go back there for sure! Kids loved it.

                  1. re: buenosds

                    Hmm, going to have to try the dinner at some point as I love duck. Interesting comment about the general tso chicken. I though the coconut shrimp was also soggy (though I thought the egg rolls were pretty good). Hopefully as volume picks up or they work it out those things will improve. Still many more positives than negatives... What were the sushi choices like on the dinner buffet -Did they have nigiri, spider roll, or salmon roe?

                    1. re: TDS1

                      yes they had them all there including the nigiri, good to see that.