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Mar 30, 2012 08:48 AM

Birthday Dinner for 19 yr. old and family?

Hellooo fellow Chowhounders!

My boyfriend's younger sister is turning 19 and we were trying to think of a good spot to take her and her boyfriend tomorrow (Saturday) evening. She's a freshman at GW, but lives on the Vern so somewhere easily accessible to Foggy Bottom is very important. I'm thinking probably staying in NW DC. She's still not to comfortable commuting to Maryland or Virginia (don't ask).

My boyfriend is leaning more on the Busboys and Poets side because she is a bit of a picky eater and we love going there just because of the fun environment and friendly service. As a native New Yorker, it pangs me, however, to go to Busboys yet again. Their food is fine but I'm always a little disappointed especially at the prices.

I've only lived in D.C. for less than a year so these suggestions would also just be great to have in the future. La Tasca is also the kind of place I think would be a great fit for her, but it might be too expensive if we're paying for 4 people. I also really love Ping Pong (for my occassional dim sum fix) and Lauriol (but it's gonna be super packed on a Saturday night).

Thanks again, ery'body!

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  1. How about Tonic at Quigley's Pharmacy? The right location with unpretentious food and a youbg vibe:

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      We would kind of like to take her outside of the Foggy Bottom/ GW bubble. Haha sorry I'm being SO particular.

    2. What about Dino??? It's in NW. Some of the menu is more interesting, but there are certainly very safe choices. Although I don't know about the price?

      1. How about Founding Farmers? Their "simple plates" section of the menu is REALLY simple.

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          Founding Farmers is overpriced and when I went there the chicken and burger were overcooked and bland.

          Any thoughts on Rasika or Graffiato? I work at Ardeo right now and I know Ashook just opened another.

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            The new Rasika is in soft openings right now. I walked past the restaurant last night and they had a list just to get in the front door.

            Graffiato is a great idea. Make a reservation now though!

        2. If you like La Tasca I would go to the newly redecorated Jaleo instead. FAR better tapas than La Tasca and a fun environment. It's on the Gallery Place/Chinatown metro stop.\

          In Foggy Bottom area you could try Founding Farmers. I think the food is hit or miss sometimes but others seem to love it and there is usually something for everyone on the menu. I also really love the new District Common in Foggy Bottom.

          1. Matchbox or 2 Amys might be other options -- 2 Amys has really good small plates, and they both have good options for a picky eater.

            I second the rec for Jaleo. Graffiato might be a little on the adventurous side if she's a really picky eater (they have good basics, but some of the more complicated things on the menu make the picky eaters in my family think it's too 'gourmet' for them. sigh.).