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Mar 30, 2012 08:35 AM

Wayfare Tavern [SF]

We are in the city for the day tomorrow and have reservations at Wayfare Tavern for lunch. I looked at the online menu but wanted to get some input from others. I am curious about specific dishes as well as overall experience. Friends who have eaten there loved the burger and also mentioned deviled eggs which I love but did not see on the online menu.

Thanks in advance for any and all input.

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  1. deviled eggs are on the lunch menu. 3rd item under Starters :)

    mustard yolks, capers, celery, crisp shallots

    Haven't eaten there so can't comment on the dish

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      Deviled eggs were tasty last December 2011

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        Oops...I guess I need stronger glasses. They sound good so I might have to try them.

      2. Here is a past thread, but it is almost 1 year old. I cannot recall any comments on the Wayfare made here over the past 2-3 months.

        1. The fried chicken is delicious--I've had it four times. It's a large portion, though. A couple of weeks ago I had the pork chop recommended by our server. It was good but I'm going back to the fried chicken next time. The complimentary popovers are also great but don't eat too many of them. Cauliflower and fried oyster soup was a bit too rich for me. It they have some kind of pie for dessert, I recommend that. In summer months their peach pie--large enough for three--is fantastic. My wife likes the chicken pail lard a lot.

          1. my girlfriend loved the steak tartare when we went ~a year ago.
            deviled eggs were okay, but no better than lucca's on chestnut if i remember correctly. if you push them, i think they will do a half portion for you.
            fried chicken was good -- very different from other versions of fried chicken i've had. and it was a very large portion.

            1. Sounds like the fried chicken may be the way to go. I will report back.