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Mar 30, 2012 08:25 AM

Bee & Thistle have re-opened.

Driving past the Old Lyme Bee & Thistle Inn, I noticed that they have re-opened after their hiatus (for remodeling?).

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  1. We used to go to the Bee and Thistle all the time some years ago, but then the owners changed and we found it sadly lacking.
    I see that the owners seem to have changed again-has anyone been to eat there, or to stay (I'd be interested to know what to expect for breakfast.)

    1. We ended up staying over and dining at the Bee & Thistle recently.
      The main dining areas are still on the two side porches, but a bar has been added to the middle room (to the left as you walk in) which had quite a bit of activity while we were there.
      The service was fine, casual but correct. The wine list is limited but seemed as fairly priced as most restaurants, and there are some specialty coctails offered.

      Decent bread and butter are served. Portions are generous in both the appetizer and mains.
      We had the house cured gravlax with a warm potato cake-we found this to be very tasty. The panzanilla salad was fine, for salad-nice dressing and not overwhelmed by feta cheese.

      Diver scallops were properly prepared with a nice black rice and tomato salsa side. The wasabi crusted tuna was very good, just charred on the outside with an Asian slaw twist. The protion was quite large-if I lived nearby I would have taken some home.

      We finished some sort of fruit crisp (long day+drink makes me forgetful) but it was good, as was the coffee.

      Breakfast was all self-serve, with juice and coffee, fresh made scones, fruit, cereal, bacon and sausage and an egg fritter one morning, french toast and waffels the next. Perfectly fine, if nothing special.

      All in all, quite pleasant. I'd say the new owners have brought the B&T back to what I remember from when we first started visiting over 20 years ago. The vibe is very positive.

      We also had a pleasant meal at L&E in Chester-cauliflower vichyssoise with salmon, rabbit and channterelle crepes, snapper with pepper and ginger coulis and skate with brown butter.
      We ended with a plum crisp. Everything was very good, very good service.
      Citron Nicoise coctail was very refreshing and light, and a nice Anjou Blanc.
      I still miss the old du Village atmosphere-it was a little loud on a Saturday night with a full house-perhaps I would try upstairs the next time.

      A last-minute change of plans found us with few options for lunch, so we ended up at Brushmill-great entrance over the falls, but then the only option was in the rather dark tap room-a quick fried chicken breast sandwich kept hunger at bay, but left no real desire to return-maybe the other rooms are more welcoming.