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Mar 30, 2012 08:20 AM

Best Soon Doo Bu in k-town now that BCD is gone?

I'm still sobbing over the loss of BCD (I believe it will come back later this year), and am wondering where to get my fix. I used to like Seoul Garden but had a few experiences where the Soon Doo Bu was a little greasy, and that caused my move over to BCD. Now, I am lost. Please help!

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  1. I'm waiting for a reply too, since my SO is a big BCD fan. Guess the pickins are slim. We've been going to Cho Dang Gol over on West 35th (first place on the north side, off 6th), pending a new Manhattan BCD branch (too lazy to go out to Flushing or even Elmhurst). SO thinks CDG's SDB is acceptable; I love their massive pile o'pork tofu trio, spicy stir-fried goodness topped off with 3 slabs of their housemade bean curd (there's an appetizer portion for non-gluttons ;) ).

    1. As promised they found a new location, and it's just a few doors east of the old one: 5 (or 7) W. 32nd, next door to Pinkberry.

      BTW K-town was hopping at midday today, with crowds lining up at Kun Jip, Kum Gang San and other restaurants. Probably lots of hungry folks from parts south, where the power was still out and most businesses were closed.

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        As of this afternoon, BCD looks dangerously close to opening, so close that there's a sign on the door that says something like "we're very happy that you missed us, but stop coming in because we're not ready yet."

        I had my soondubu today at Muk Eun Ji across the street. It was alright, nothing great. The kimchi is the draw there, according to their menu, and I guess it was a little better than ordinary kimchi. I'm not a kimchi connoisseur; it all tastes pretty much the same to me (unless it's really terrible).

      2. BCD is opening up again next door to kun jip, they got a new lease

        Seoul Garden is awful in my opinion, I don't think there is any place that serves a decent soon doo boo in ktown anymore

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        1. re: Lau

          Yeah, i thought the SDB at Seoul Garden was pretty bad when i tried it last week.

          1. re: Simon

            my friend said that it was ok at New Wonjo the other day, apparently the food has gotten better there since they changed ownership and renovated the place

        2. I feel pretty secure in saying that the best soondubu jigae now being served in K-Town is at --- Cho Dang Gol On 35th street.

          We were there this past weekend and had a simply marvelous jigae with seafood CDG makes their own tofu daily, and is well known for their jigaes, and other stews. Nearly every table had one. We have had jigaes in many spots in K-Town and this one was certainly the best so far.

          In contrast, their ban chan was just Ok, likewise their dolsot bim bim bap. Their seafood pancake is very good, though not cooked in the traditional manner. CDG does a huge business and is packed most nights (I discussed this with a bus boy). On a Saturday night after 8 pm the line was out the door.

          I would like to try BCD when they reopen.