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Mar 30, 2012 07:12 AM

Where to find dry Sichuan fried chicken cubes with peppers?

I had this dish recently in LA in the San Gabriel Valley. There it was called "Fried Chicken Cubes w/ Hot Pepper" I'm new to Sichuan food and I haven't been able to stop thinking about this dish. It was just chicken cubes, deep fried, with sichuan peppers, slices of garlic, scallion (if I remember correctly) and tons of hot peppers that you don't really eat. Totally dry, no sauce at all. Amazing.

Any help on what this might be called at Grand Sichuan, Szechuan Gourmet,. Legend, etc.

Of course, if someone has had this dish at any Sichuan restaurant anywhere in NYC and can recommend, that's even better.

Many thanks!

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  1. Sounds like chongqing chicken. And, yes, it's amazing.


    1. Try Szechuan Gourmet's Smoky Wok-Tossed Chicken with Roasted Chili or Legend's Chongquing Diced Chicken with Chili Peppercorns.

      1. I'm not sure if it's exactly the same as the dish you're describing, but it certainly sounds similar to the "thousand chili chicken" that I've had at Wa Jeal. The only picture I was able to find online was this:


        1. Another suggestion for you: at Lan Sheng try the stir-fried chicken with spicy capsicum. At Hot Kitchen, Grand Sichuan House (Bay Ridge) and at my current favorite, Famous Sichuan on Pell St., it is called chicken with spicy capsicum. Really, really good.

          1. Thanks to everyone for the quick responses! I engineered a trip to Grand Sichuan Eastern last night and ordered the chongqing chicken. It is definitely the dish I was looking for. In contrast to the version in LA, the chicken wasn't quite as crispy and dry. And it lacked the big slices of garlic. But it was delicious, and more than satisfied the craving.

            More importantly, now I'm on the right track, and can try other versions around the city. Also interested to find out whether "thousand chili chicken", "smokey wok-tossed chicken..." and "stir fried chicken with spicy capsicum" are all different names (or variations) on this dish, or slightly different. If I am fortunate enough to try them all and find out, I will surely report back. Thanks again!

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              Unfortunately there is no uniformity in many dishes in the names at Chinese restaurants in the US and Canada. For example, ordering a "pancake" dish at a Chinese restaurant can be a real adventure because it can mean any one of a number of different items.

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                Try ordering three pepper chicken (san jiao bian ji) - preparations vary but it's strips or cubes of chicken, wok fried crisp with garlic, ginger, and chili peppers and szechuan peppers.

                As with most dishes, you will find variation from restaurant to restaurant but I had almost the exact dish you described at an old Szechuan restaurant in Flushing, next to the LIRR stairs, now since replaced by Maxin Seafood.