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Mar 30, 2012 07:06 AM

Which of these SA Mexican restaurants?

I was searching for a Mexican restaurant within walking distance of my hotel on Google and came across this enclave of places:

Azuca Nuevo Latina
Cascabel Mexican Patio
El Mirador
Taco Heaven

I have two nights free for eating my favorite cuisine. Any opinions on which two I should choose?

Thanks from a Chowhound living in a part of the country with lousy Mexican food.

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  1. Azuca is more Latin American than Mexican but it's very good and has a great bar. All the others are good though I don't personally like Taco Haven. Rosario's is terrifically popular. Cascabel has the weirdest opening hours, good luck finding it open.

    1. Maybe I'm too late for the post, but I'd add Aldaco's in the Sunset Station to your list of possibilities. It's probably not walking distance, but hop on the trolley and you'll be there in no
      time. Your concierge will give you the trolley folder with lines and times. Blanca Aldaco's
      tlapeno soup is not to be missed, if you like heat. Enjoy SA. It's a lovely city

      1. I've been to Rosario's and Cascabel and they are both excellent. Cascabel has the more traditional Mexican menu and is really laid back with a nice patio and somewhat slow service. I think the lack of margaritas keeps the crowds away so it's a very nice place for a lazy weekend lunch.

        Rosario's has traditional dishes but also more Tex Mex items. They serve alcohol and it's pretty darn loud in there. Food's good.

        I really couldn't pick a favorite between those two but I would return to Cascabel more often just because they serve some dishes that are hard to find around town.