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Mar 30, 2012 06:51 AM

Looking for casual 4-5pm dinner Sat Night Last Minute

Hi Guys,

I was hoping you all could help me salvage a botched planned evening.

There's going to be 4 or 5 of us, we're meeting a friend who's in town from Colorado.

This is tomorrow, so we won't have reservations, but we can go early to try and beat the crowds.

We had talked about looking for some approachable small plates/tapas but we're not tied to that. There are some adventurous eaters among us and some not as much.

Doesn't have to be super-cheap but an all-in cost of $40-50ish each or less would be good. We're not heavy drinkers.

We don't really want to go TOO far from Midtown, but a walk or subway ride wouldn't kill us.

Any suggestions you guys may have are much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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    1. re: Tommy D.

      Thanks so much Tommy. That looks great for the adventurous among us; I'm not sure it would work for everyone.. but we may give it a shot.

      Thanks again!

    2. A quick subway ride away is Giorgio's of Gramercy. It has good food, it would fall within your pice range and there are reservations availble for 5:00 on opentable. Otherwsie maybe Fig and Olive in Midtown would work.

      1. I think you could probably go hang out at the bar at Otto, share some meats, cheeses, salad, some pastas, gelato, and have a glass of wine, and come in at $40-50 including tax and tip. The pizzas are hit or miss in my opinion, but the wine is surprisingly affordable. They serve all day long.